Monday, 26 December 2016

Modernized Society: The Tragedy Of The Collective

Aristotle, a Greek Philosopher once said, What is common to many is taken least care of, for all men have greater regard for what is their own than for what they possess in common with others. Quoted above is the exact ideal that is left of this ‘modernized society’.

The economy globally is shifting to a trend of corrupted resources. Drying and dying, that is exactly the phrase that can symbolize the arising issue related to ill development, there are simply too many to accommodate and they are simply too greedy to share. The voyage that led man to the new era is brewing another calamity and there is no Noah or Manu, as of now.

We are facing many problems but the Oscar would definitely position the environmental and resource exploitation problems. There’s a common notion that the major problem are root to selfish thoughts and people acting in self-interest, but, according to Adam Smith, people pursuing self-interest are often led, ‘as if by an invisible hand’, to promote the social interest without the social interest being any part of their intention. This may hold great relevance in the economic sector, but the same may not regain the stature in the environmental sector.

Everyone pursuing their social interest would lead to a social bad beyond the scopes of our reasoning. For instance overgrazing one’s cattle or exploitation of a grazing patch would lead to an extinction of the resource. This would not only harm others but it would also leave no scope for the future of grazing lands for the same person. Thus, the irony persists that the person contributing to his/her self-interest contributes to an outcome which hurts them as well as the others.

Where the earthquakes have shaken the grounds and tsunamis have left the battle ground of dead, it is high time we wake up. It is high time that the voice of our opinion reaches the majority and it is high time that we surrender our self-goals and prioritize on community targets.

Why do I need to “wake up” to these community goals and why should I ever consider reforming my style for these? 

Well, for counters, would you not “wake up” to your problems, to your goals? You define the community, define the need to solve these issues, define the need to a safety lock of your position in the near future.

We often long for those tiny droplets to fall from the huge skies, drop hastily one at a time, these tiny specs filled oceans of wealth and life, wealth and life that are now dying. We must adopt the approach of inter-discipline action. For that, one must initially understand the environmental problems and its complex and multidisciplinary nature, the solution-oriented actions on multiple social scales should be initiated, further down, solving environmental problems requires understanding and skills development in multiple learning dimensions, advocates must strengthen these aspects well. Our rich culture, the umbrella that is created and renovated by the people belonging to a certain group, is the key to change. And then to top it all off, let’s just boost up the spirit and shout out:

“Yes, we can!”

–Farewell Mr. President.

Written by Sharvani Navangul
Student (National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi)

I’ve always been inspired by a quote by the writer James Baldwin: The world is before you, and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came in. I am a greedy reader, a classical singer, an avid trekker and a major foodie. A self-driven, close to the culture, voicing out opinion kind of person, I’m the reflective of my passions.

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