Friday, 16 December 2016

Life Gives A Second Chance To All

If there is a fall of failure, Abraham Lincoln believes; Success happens when we are truly ready, not just when we want it. Be patient.

Life always gives second chance to all. A new opportunity or precisely a second chance always waits that lead us to the road to success.

Many times it happens that due to some obvious reason we are not able to succeed in the very first attempt. This doesn’t mean that we cannot get success ever. You can achieve what you truly deserve if you aren’t fear to take up the risk for the second time. Misfortunes, disappointments are a part of life but this doesn’t mean sticking to the past can make you change anything. Rather if you don’t overcome from your past, it will make you miss the second chance that comes your way undoubtedly.

Sticking to the past only gives us a feeling of depression, grief and sadness. No one knows that maybe this second chance can light up the life with joy and happiness. For that sake all we need to do is, leave the past behind and move on with the life and search the second chance patiently.

Life wants us to succeed but the question is, Do we want to succeed? Give yourself few minutes and answer the question yourself.

If yes, then every tomorrow is a second chance that God and Life give us to correct the things and mistakes that we have made yesterday. Change yourself for a better version; wake up with more zeal to shine again like a bright star. Learn from your mistakes, make new choices or reinvent old one because it’s never too late to start from where you left. It happens to all the things that are not exactly what we have assumed but this doesn’t mean everything got finished. Without trying again you cannot say that it is the end of life and openings.  Consider it as a new challenge and convert the unfavorable circumstances into favorable ones.

Recently released movie ‘DEAR ZINDAGI’ has inspired in many aspects as how to live life. In the movie Shah Rukh Khan portraying the role of Dr. Jehangir Khan, a psychologist, said a very interesting thing “Don’t Let the Past Blackmail Your Present to Ruin a Beautiful Future”.

Life isn’t about ‘eat, sleep and repeat’. Life is what you make it. It is a journey that collects memories from each station and travels till it reaches to its final destination. Landmarks on its path guide how far we have reached crossing all the hurdles and how far-off we have to go.

Written by Tanisha Chitransh
A Diligent, Punctual and Self-Motivated Person who believes in having good interpersonal skills.

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