Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Is Laughter the Best Medicine? Let's Find Out

A study says no matter how stressful and frustrated your life is, draw some time every day to laugh and distress yourself from all the worries, sadness and frets. Just 15 minutes of laughter daily fills your heart and blood vessels with energy to boost you all day long.

Today all of us are living in tension and stress; children are stressed about their studies, adults are having job-related stress, elderly have their own worries, and no one is living a peaceful life at the moment. Everyone is rushing to make money, which has become the primary objective of their life. In such demanding situation, people rarely have time to relax and laugh.

As we all know that Laughter is the best medicine that cures any type of worry, exhaustion, frustration and even some diseases, still we don’t laugh.


The reason is we are always in search of a particular situation, mood or joke to laugh. As laughing is an exercise that creates the chemistry of happiness and also delivers many health benefits. If you want to be happy and distress yourself from all the worries then laugh without any reason. Laugh as much as you can like no one is around you. The practice of laughing improves our mood. The jokes, comedy only develops a sense of humour that makes you chuckle.

Laughing is a very thoughtful concern today because we all lack time to sit, relax and have fun. Something has to be done where people can distress themselves for few hours from all the worries. So in many places, few firms started to come up with the idea of laughter clubs or fun zones where people on weekends can go with their family and friends to relish, relax, play and laugh. Though these clubs have gained popularity in some of the big cities in India but the growing challenges of life have made people lazy and this idea almost got flopped as instead of waking up early in the morning we prefer to take longer naps and watch television at home.

However, television has played a crucial role in making people laugh by presenting numerous comedy shows. These shows are coming up with a complete a package of entertainment where you can sit and laugh with your family leaving all the stress behind.

Comedy Central, Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma, The Kapil Sharma Show, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hain, Comedy Knights Bachao are some of the shows that are full of humour, sarcasm, and laughter. These situation comedies are playing a vital role in bringing bliss of laughter along with the entertainment. It is harder to make people laugh, than it is to make them cry but these shows and popular comedians are proving it wrong and trying their level best to bring out good humour, puns and jokes to make the audience laugh and relax their mood.

Worries, tensions are a part of life, shoot them out and laugh with an open heart as if you only have today. Someone has said laughing can increase your life by 8 years.


Written by Tanisha Chitransh
A Diligent, Punctual and Self-Motivated Person who believes in having good interpersonal skills.

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