Monday, 26 December 2016

Is Family Really All That Important In Our Life?

After a massive fight with his parents over petty issues on a frequent basis, he finally decided to move on. This attitude of the present generation is what is troubling them. Nowadays to walk away has been so easy that people tend to have trust issues on a frequent basis. Now it is not entirely the youth at fault but what the surroundings are right now. It has been so easy to make petty issues very complex and ignoring the actual complexities you will eventually face in your life.

People who believe in fostering friendships in today’s generation is a tough and tedious kind of work because the day you realise that there are rare people who are bound to stay with you no matter what you are dealing with in your life is the day when even they go. One cannot underestimate the importance of parents in his/her life. Friends are important but once you are homeless and it's one of those cold nights, you can rely on your friends but for how long? Eventually, everyone goes but parents are these beautiful pillars of unconditional love, blessings and support who are there for you.

Following are some of the many reasons why is a family so important after all –

1. Permanent last resort

No matter what problem you face in your life you will always be surrounded by them. There will be many problems be it physical, emotional, mental or of any sought, so be rest assured and be positive as there are still people you can count on.

2. Cherishes your success

No matter how big or small your success is your parents will always be proud and happy for you. Sometimes it will be an event which is very small or even which someone doesn’t notice at all, but they will notice it and acknowledge it.

3. Doesn’t judge you

Judging people on how they look, on what they wear or any random thing has been a cherished time pass for nearly all people around you, but when it comes to parents they can’t and they won’t judge you because you are their own part and they accept all your flaws and love them.

Most people tame down their celebrations and talk about it only with their near and dear ones, because rest assured, one thing almost all are sure of is that their family will never be jealous of their achievements. Probably because whatever a family member does is as good as done by the whole family. Apart from sharing happiness and how most importantly actually, is how easily you can approach your parents in times of need. In times like these, where everything is so transient, including one’s beliefs and faiths, parents are the one thing that remains constant.

Of course, the relationship with them keeps on changing on a frequent basis but you never lose them completely. No wonder why my mother keeps on saying, "Khoon Ke Rishtey Khoon Ke Hi Hote Hain".

Written by Rounak Hotchandani
A media and communication aspirant, does writing and reading books as a hobby and a philanthropist.

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