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Indian TV Shows That Depict Powerful Social Message

From the past few decades, the silver screen is guiding, educating and entertaining the masses by projecting the stories that are not only based on thrillers, romantic or horror genre but also portraying the issues that are stimulating and can bring change for the betterment of the society.

To break the typecasts and old beliefs they have really come up with the issues like educating the girl child, domestic violence, child labour, saving girl child from being killed in the womb and many more serious social issues to create the awareness among the spectators of the country. Encouraged by the big screen, the small screen is now coming up with some more meaningful plot. Indian television that presents to the large majority is also helping to change the mindset and perception of the people towards some of the very serious matter.

TV is a huge medium of entertainment but now it has become infotainment i.e., it involves information and entertainment both. TV serials nowadays are not only entertaining us instead some of them are also spreading the social message on various issues that still remains in the country. Apart from ‘saas-bahu’ sagas and reality shows, TV soaps are helping in changing and modelling the mindset in terms of equality, superstitions, old faiths, stereotypes and taboos.

Many programmes now are subjective to a social message and are creating an impact on the core of hearts and minds of the audiences. The directors are now shifting their taste of usual conspiracies, murder, jealousy etc. and using their skills and talent in a way to educate the new-age India. Instead of only entertainment the directors, producers and channels are now taking the risk to come up with stories that can help to educate the society on several social issues. The risk taken has proved right with some of the successful running shows that are spreading the social message. The audiences are responding by watching and supporting this type of genre that creates awareness and enhances their knowledge.

Some daily soaps that are depicting social message:-

1. Balika Vadhu

This Colors TV show that completed more than 1000 episodes and made a record, emphases on the very serious issue of Child Marriage. Prior child marriages were very common. To create awareness against this the story started with a marriage to a girl and a boy at very early age and how the girl manages to break all the old customs and brought a huge change in the society against child marriage. The show ended on a very meaningful note and gave a social message that boy shouldn’t get married before 21 years and girls before 18 years.

2. Udaan

This show is broadcasted on Colors TV as well, it focuses on the life of the girl child as for how she with her intelligence, courage and confidence fought with the man who ill-treats the people of his neighbourhood by making them ‘BANDHUA MAJDOOR’ (bonded labour). She alone raised her voice against slavery, education and other issues so that they can be given equal rights that they deserve. Earlier in some villages, the practice of ‘Bandhua Majdoor’ was very common. By this serial, they want to spread a social message that you are not a slave to anyone and you have right to live your life on your conditions. Raise your voice against injustice caused to you by anyone.

3. Gangaa

This & TV show focuses on the very serious issue of Child Widow. A story of a girl named ‘Ganga’ who is a child widow manages to oppose the restrictions placed upon widows by society. It has shown how she has been able to break all the degrading old beliefs and traditions to live a life as a normal girl and fought for her rights.

4. Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

Another daily soap on Colors TV that is trending nowadays, is about a girl who is Transgender. Till now story concentrates on how her mother is fighting against the stereotypes in the society and family so that she can make her daughter, to live a normal life. The plot of the serial wants to portray that transgenders have equals rights and can live in the society as well. Don’t differentiate between them and us, after all we are humans first above anything else.

Written by Tanisha Chitransh
A Diligent, Punctual and Self-Motivated Person who believes in having good interpersonal skills.

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