Thursday, 22 December 2016

How to have a Perfect Date

Are you anxious about your date? Not getting Ideas as what to do? Or How to do it? Well, don’t you worry. You are allowed to be nervous, as more often than not, it brings out the best in us. And it is a human nature, so yeah! There you go. A date is all about getting to know about the other person. So, pull your socks up and let’s get to set up a memorable romantic rendezvous. Let’s start up.

# Comfort

First thing first, it is all about understanding each other. And it happens only when you are in a comfortable setting. So, for that, you have to have a little idea of your partner. If he/she is comfortable with the kind of place you are selecting or the food preferences along with other minute details.

# Go Unique

No two people are same. So, it means you don’t have to book a restaurant for a dinner date. Your partner may be an adventurer or interested in doing unconventional things. For instance, you can go for paint-balling, on a trekking, boating or a concert. The purpose is to surprise and have fun with your date. Come up with a unique and fun idea that can make it a different and memorable experience for both of you.

# Go Extra

Don’t make it just about a lunch or dinner. Take a full day and show that you are serious in knowing him/her. Start early and make different date segments in the whole day. Have a light strolling morning followed by an adventurous and fun afternoon and take it onto a peak in lightings with just the right touch of romance. This way you can show different elements of your personality and impress your date.

# Things to Avoid

Well, we all do have an idea of what we can do on a date but the important thing is what not to do. Don’t relentlessly talk about just yourself ever; show your date an interest too. Don’t brag about your achievements, no show-off. You are not an omniscient so don’t try to be one. You may even be able to learn something from your date. Being overly confident or arrogant is a major turn off. All in all, be yourself but leave your ego at your home.

Sometimes simplicity is the best option. A nice, small picnic can do what a five-star dinner won’t be able to. Know your date, inform him/her in advance and have an alternate option ready, if god forbids the first one dwindles.

Know each other; be kind, respectful and caring. Have fun!

Written by Anjali Tyagi
I am a hardcore reader and a story weaver with an affinity for words and to rhyme.

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