Friday, 9 December 2016

How Edelweiss Guided Portfolios has simplified Investing Online?

With the recent advancements in internet and technology, almost all the sectors have been impacted towards betterment. With the consumers going online, banking and investing have been simplified to the greatest extent. There is more transparency, lesser waiting periods and transactions are happening with a simple click. Yet, when it comes to investing in mutual funds, not everyone is savvy about the related concepts. To address this pain point, has launched a simple interface called as Guided Portfolios (GPS), an  algorithm based intelligent system, which designs mutual fund portfolios for investors and guides them towards their financial goals through systematic investments.

Let us walk through the entire process, after visiting, you get two options:

1. You have some money and want to invest.

2. You want to achieve a financial target by investing.

After entering your respective details like the amount of money, your age, and the desired risk profile, you get a customized portfolio depending on your specific requirements. It displays the suggested funds along with their amount (in Rs.), allocation (%), Assets under Management (Rs. in Cr) and the expected 3 years return (%). It also displays the best suitable proportion of Debt vs Equity based on your selection criteria. The results are self-explanatory and the best thing is that there is no usage of financial jargon which most people do not understand.

Another great feature is that get to know since when are those funds existing in the market and the respective morning star rating (an independent investment research firm for publicly traded mutual funds and exchange-traded funds).

You can also check out how the recommended portfolio has performed in the past 5 years and forecasted amount depending on the most likely returns (18%), higher than 20% returns as well as lower than 16%. Once you have decided to invest in a portfolio, you can simply create an account online on and get your mutual fund investment journey started.

Although mutual funds are a better option for investment as compared to fixed deposits when it comes to returns, the greatest barrier for people was primarily a lack of awareness and the complexities involved. With a simplified portal like Edelweiss Guided Portfolios, now anyone can take calculated decisions for investing, as it empowers people to understand, think and then decide.

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