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Creating a Smart Evening Routine For a Stress-Free Morning

Few smart planning's and your mornings will be free from all the stress to feel robust, passionate and productive all day long. Tension, stress, restlessness have now become an integral part of our living. ‘HURRY’ is the common reaction that is affecting the life. Once you get up late, your day starts with stress because you sense you are running out of time, to sum up the things before leaving for your respective work. For the sake of completing the morning work faster, you skip your breakfast and end up arriving at your destination hungry, irritable and a hot mess. Remember how you start your day plays a vital role to figure out how your rest of the day will develop.

Worries, Stress that generally rises with the first beam of sunlight can be avoided with a little bit of effort on your part. Here’s how you can do it:

‘Early to bed and early to rise’ 

The first and most important funda for living a stress-free life. This one sentence which we hear since our childhood, when followed seriously can create a great impact on living tension free morning and life as well. Sleeping at night on time gives us a complete rest and our whole body relaxes to fresh start a new day more dynamically.

Before going to sleep turn off your mobiles and other gadgets

So that you are mentally relaxed at night to arise next day peacefully and you can do your work on time without any worry.

Making  a To-Do note

And working according to it save most of your time and energy. The perfect time management manages to complete all your work and the remaining time can be utilized for doing fitness activity. Doing exercise in the morning plays a crucial role in making your dawn and rest of the day properly managed because it helps in stimulating the body momentum.

One of the most brilliant ideas is; set the alarm 30 minutes earlier than your usual time

And keep it out of your reach. The reason being there is a habit of all when the alarm rings we either switch it off or put it on a snooze and we are always late to wake up on time to get ready. Keeping alarm at a distance will make you go and switch it off. Once you are out of your bed you will not come back to sleep and you can do your work on time without any tension.

It is always advisable to do few morning preparations overnight. 

For example, set your clothes, accessories, bags, wallets, handkerchiefs at one place so that there is less tension in the morning to collect all the things together. This little saved time can be used for any other fruitful purpose.

Some of the additional ways to start your morning properly for a successful and enriching day:

Generally it happens that when we go to bed, we aren’t able to fast asleep.

In that case, it’s always advisable to listen soft music before going to sleep. You can also move to a little space to have a walk or read one chapter of a book this will help you to sleep peacefully and wake up enthusiastically.  Also, keep your bedroom ambiance clean, tidy and beautifully decorated so that you can sleep well. Make sure to switch off the lights or use dim light before you go to sleep.


Although the above rules are not always easy to maintain  but when you make a regular pattern of your schedule as what all work you have to do will surely help to have a stress- free morning and you will feel fresh rest of the day.

Written by Tanisha Chitransh
A Diligent, Punctual and Self-Motivated Person who believes in having good interpersonal skills.

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