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College Life of a Nerd

For all those who believe that your college life will be just the same as your high school life, you couldn’t be more wrong. And if you’re a nerd, you will have to learn a lot before you’re ready for college. So, come along, as I take you through the basics of how your life will change in college.


Well, the first thing that college life showed me was that everything from marks to events is solely based on the power of networking. For a person who has spoken a total of some 10 sentences in her life, it was like an impossible task to meet a whole lot of new people. You might have a couple of high school friends in your class, but chances are that 90% of the class will consist of the people you’ve never met (and you will be forced to interact with them).

Also, after a couple of months, you will realize the importance of marketing (if you haven’t by now). People who are good at networking will easily achieve what you couldn’t achieve after months of hard work. You will be there, waiting to give your resume (which you’ve worked day and night on) for the post of the editor of your college magazine, while some other person will just get in because he/she has connections with someone in the core committee.


Another skill that comes very handy in college is marketing. As brutal as it sounds, even though you were the topper in your high school (admired and respected quite a bit), you will just be one among the many in college. You will find that there is nothing great about what you’ve achieved (and everyone has already reached that level).

So the difference it’ll take between a successful person and a not-so-successful person will be the ability to showcase your abilities. Are you able to take every skill you’ve got, gift wrap it, and convince people that they would be privileged to have such a skilled person as a part of their initiative? Then the college life is definitely yours to conquer. And for those who aren’t able to, or are morally against marketing their own self, you will just have to learn it. If people don’t know about your skills, what is the point of striving to hone those skills?


You can never say “sleep” and “college student” in the same sentence (unless you’re talking about the lack of the former in the latter’s life). Especially for those who are determined to make every assignment perfect, there will be times when you will have to choose between one extra hour of sleep and a perfectly done assignment. In the beginning, you might have some problems adjusting, but very soon you will be used to the perpetual situation of not enough sleep.

Believe me, after a couple of months, you will be so used to the never ending assignments that you could complete them in your sleep. Either that or you will choose sleep over the assignment and stop caring about making your assignments perfect. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t feel guilty. If you choose to do the assignment, do not grumble about your sacrifice of sleep and if you choose that one extra hour of sleep, do not keep worrying about the consequences of not completing that assignment.


Scores are something you will have to stop caring about after you enter college. Of course, do not expect the excellent marks that you used to get in school (or else you will be disappointed). As you get your way around, you will realize that marks do not matter. There are numerous cases of people who were not the toppers of their batch but are now successful in their respective fields. Also, there will be times when one of your friends, who did not even care to know which class was going on most of the time, will get more marks than you (I know it’s unfair, but this is the way it is and you can not do anything about it).

So, stop worrying about the marks. Believe me, you’re better off worrying about events instead. Do not hesitate to skip classes, do not worry if you couldn’t complete an assignment and most importantly, let go of your self-consciousness. College is the best time to organize events, attend seminars and participate in seminars. And believe me, these will add much more to your resume than just a high GPA.

So go ahead, live a bit more, laugh a bit more, dream a bit more cause college is the best time to start actually living your life.

Written by Aneri Doshi
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