Friday, 9 December 2016

6 Advantages of Having Friends From Different Cultures

Today no one feels lonely or miss their near and dear ones, due to INTERNET. This internet age has made life so easy in every aspect of living, especially in terms of connectivity.

Now no distance can separate you from your close ones due to social media, no matter how far you live from them. Social sites are proving themselves every now and then by launching special features like voice calling and video calling from their side so that you can expand your networking.

The Internet is not only bringing people together but easing to make different friends from different cultures. As we all know that India is a country full of diverse cultures and religions so making friends among different cultures and religions worldwide will be favourable for you in many ways. Making multicultural friends will add a different taste to your life as each will have a different flavour also they will mark as the best sources from whom you can learn a lot. Knowing them closely will not only make you learn but also help you to enjoy their company, sharing your views with them, respecting their ideas will make to build mutual understanding among people across the world.

Some of the advantages are:-


When we have friends from different cultures and we visit their place, we will able to taste mouth-watering delicious cuisines from their religion. The appetising taste of special dishes from their culture will make an unforgettable flavour on your tongue to be visited again and again.


Having friends with different cultures will make you enjoy a lot of festivals that are celebrated with ultimate cheerfulness and bliss across the world. Be it Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas; once having friends from all the religion will make you get a chance to celebrate every festival and you will be able to understand its importance more.


Not only festivals but having multicultural friends, you will able to know how the wedding ceremony takes place at their side. If you have a Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, South Indian or Foreigner friends then you will be able to discover how marriages are done in their religion. Though we have seen them in movies and TV but attending it in person is a whole different experience.


You can share what type of fashion you opt and what are trending at their place as per different culture and surroundings.


One of the countless benefits of having different flavour friends is; being with them you will be able to learn different languages that are easy for you as well as for them to adjust anywhere. Also without being subjective your understanding power increases.


If you have a keen interest in travelling and holiday at new places then you can visit your friend that stays in different city or country. Being familiar they will take you to visit several places that are famous in that city and country. Also, you can explore more about varieties of flora and fauna that subsist at their place.

Written by Tanisha Chitransh
A Diligent, Punctual and Self-Motivated Person who believes in having good interpersonal skills.

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