Monday, 14 November 2016

You Know You Are From A Convent School When..

1. You were trained to think tucking in your shirt is more important than math.

2. Your hairstyle was supposed to be decent.

“Braid if it’s below the shoulder, pony if it’s above.” NO STRAND OF HAIR SHOULD EVER FALL ON YOUR FACE!

3. All of your school buildings were named after obscure saints.

4. The majority of the buildings were haunted.

5. When “Moral Science” was the most important subject during your whole convent life.

6. You’ve mastered the art of the professional rolling up of the skirt...unless you were really rebellious and took to it with a pair of scissors.

7. Cursive writing will be yours forever and always.

8. Anytime you hear the word “Prayer,” “Our Father” is the first thing that comes to your mind.

9. Every morning, assemblies were the thing.

10. Along with the School Song sung.

11. And prayers for everything; morning, before a class, before lunch, after lunch and a going home prayer.

12. Christmas was the best time of the year with carols and the whole school decorated red, white and green.

13. The yearly Christmas skits.

14. You have at least once dressed as an angel, goat, or someone during the Christmas skit.

15. You never had a sex ed class.

16. Visits to the chapel before exams were a must.

17. You are the Grammar Nazi believe it or not.

18. You used to crave for the ‘Zero Periods’

19. Every convent school belief; It was a graveyard before.

Written by Divya Raheja
On a journey to seek the great perhaps.

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