Friday, 25 November 2016

Why You Are So Awesome! (For All Those Girls Who Don’t Believe It)

Yes, you, I am talking to you. And no, that isn’t a typing error. You are awesome, as awesome as hot chocolate on a rainy day and if you don’t believe it, read on to find out why I believe so.


So, your heart is breaking into pieces and you don’t find life worth living anymore. You’ve begun to rethink about the very foundations of the future. In such a time, tears should be the least of your worries, cause nobody minds the drizzle in front of a storm. And believe me, it is okay.

It is okay to cry and to break down. But what is more important is that you if you want to let your guard down, if you want to completely reveal your vulnerable self, you do it in front of people who are concerned about you and wouldn’t want to pour cold water on you when you’re in the midst of a storm. In fact, I personally feel that tears never make you strong. If your cheeks are damp, it just means that you have the strength to let go of the pent up emotions and frustrations.


When you feel that the world is attacking you from every front, the least you can do is respect yourself. So, don’t pay attention to the inner devil doubt, no matter how hard it tries.

And though you might not be able to believe it right now, fewer people were concerned about the smeared eyeliner than you thought, and more people were concerned about the grief that you tried to hide than you thought.

It’s okay to have days when your nail paint doesn’t match your dress, your dress has a country-full of wrinkles, your eyes are red with grief that your heart can handle and your shaky legs won’t let you wear heels. And what’s more, most people won’t judge you.


Smile, smile smile. Smile, even if your cheeks hurt. Smile, even if your eyes are blazing with anger. Smile, even if tears dampen your cheeks. You shouldn’t worry about those tears taking away your beauty because they don’t.

As the saying goes, “The most beautiful smile is the one that struggles through tears” a smile on your lips while your eyes are brimming with tears is the most wonderful, because it means that you’re making an effort. You’re fighting to hold that dam in place when you could have given in, to that cliché female crying phenomenon and shed a few tears. But the fact that you’re still trying to look at the rays when the stormy clouds envelop you, means that you have admirable strength.


It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes because nobody is perfect. If you were a perfect person, people would be awed by you and respect you, but if you aren’t, it will show that you’re human and believe me, people will accept you for that.

And nothing is as awe-inspiring as a person who is confident enough to accept their flaws and reveal them in front of the world. People might judge you, loathe you, laugh at you, but they will eventually accept you for who you are. Plus, in the process, they will get awed by the fact that you had the guts to show your vulnerable side to the world.

Be Carefree

One thing you should never apologize about is for being carefree (or careless as some people might want to call it). You are meant to be your own person and you don’t need anyone’s permission to be yourself.

While humans are social beings and accordingly you need to live withing the boundaries of the society, sometimes it is necessary to step beyond those lines in order to discover, accept and respect your true self. So, it’s okay to doing what you want, even if the society frowns upon you, as long as you don’t hurt anyone.

Written by Aneri Doshi
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