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Why F.R.I.E.N.D.S is a must watch TV Show

Friends, a comedy, witty, humorous and showcasing the closest to relatable situations faced by the young adults.

You can probably watch the series in repeat 'n' number of times or even have marathons of the series with you Friends.

As you start watching FRIENDS, you grow close to the characters. They become a part of your daily life.

The characters are addictive.

It would be quite easy to get along with or to be very annoyed by any of them in real life.

YET, all of them have this wonderful chemistry that uniquely makes them a great group of Friends.

We have -

Joey Tribbiani

THE SWEETEST GUY. With a slow understanding capacity. Joey brings out the innocence along with massive naughtiness in the group.

The only person who can completely understand him is his best friend Chandler. Phoebe and Joey are unique together.

Joye’s cute jokes, playboy image, and his boyish looks and habits make you want to have a soft spot for him.

Phoebe Buffay

A distinct yet unique character. Phoebe is weird.

Well weird as hell but the one with the most understanding capability.

She stands by what she believes in. Her personality is kinda rude per say, but she has a soft corner for Joey. She has a forgiving nature.

Her wittiness and her ingenious comedy make you like her.

Rachel Green

To be honest, she’s a bitch in most of the episodes. I mean, well yeah, this is relatable in every group of friends. Every group does need one or more.

Her character is a powerful one.

She isn’t afraid of being herself. She had her priorities set straight, executed confidence, had a fine share of epic comebacks, funny and ditzy in her own ways. She was an amazing friend to have. She loved and valued people in her life, admitted when she was wrong and was a great friend. She was adorable and one of the most relatable characters.

Ross Geller

The guy who gets divorced a million times.

The paleontologist who was proud of what he was. He seemed annoying and funny.

He has one of THE MOST EPIC “HI” of all times. He is a ‘parents’ boy but he loves his sister, Monica, immensely.

He mocked his own misery but his character isn’t that bad.

Monica Geller


She’s witty, well organised, cleanliness freak, amazing cook, and a perfect host.

She’s the one who keeps the group together.

She’s like the “mom” of the group. The most sensible one in there.
She got married to one of her best friends which was the best thing ever.

Chandler Bing

THE MOST WITTY, HUMOROUS, AND FUNNIEST character of sitcom history.

I would seriously bow down to him.

Yes, he uses a lot of sarcasm. Yes, that sarcasm was a defense mechanism at first but eventually became a part of his personality.

His character has blown us all away. He is the FATHER of SARCASM. Could he be any more sarcastic? (watch the show to get the reference :P ) All I want to say is, Chandler Bing is by far the best character of Friends.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is a MUST WATCH T.V. show.

Watch it anytime of the day and have a good laugh. If you haven’t watched it, go right now and watch it.

Written by Divya Raheja
On a journey to seek the great perhaps.

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