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5 Type of Guys Who Get Friend Zoned

Friend zone is the place that every single person tries to escape from, but very few people actually manage to do so. More often than not, it is guys who are trying to escape the friend zone that their female crush has placed them in. I am here to help those guys out by letting you know who are the kind of guys who generally get friend zoned.

#1. The one who messages too often

If you are someone who is constantly messaging her and asking her how her day went, she is definitely going to take you for granted. She’ll never message you first and will just assume that you will end up asking her how the day went. There is nothing wrong with the occasional ‘Hey’ but do make sure you don’t make it seem like you are available all the time.

#2. The one who never bothered flirting

This is one of the most major but least noticed reasons for you getting friend zoned. If you never ever bothered telling her how you feel about her, how do you expect her to see you as anything else but a friend? Flirt a little bit with her, tell her she looks pretty and let her know that you look at her as more than a friend.

#3. The one who becomes her shoulder to cry on

Now I am not saying that you should be completely inconsiderate to her feelings and stop becoming a friend to her. However, if she starts talking about some guy that she likes or anything that would move you from the ‘prospective boyfriend’ to ‘best girlfriend’ zone, STOP doing it. Make sure that she knows that there are certain topics you are not interested in listening to, especially other guys.

#4. The one who never stands up for himself

If you are someone who has always been there for her and has taken her mood swings as they come, then you are allowing her to get away with anything. She might never apologize for treating you badly and when she does so, if you let her get away with it, you are making yourself seem spineless in front of her. She will just assume that you’ll deal with anything she throws your way and that will keep you stuck in the zone.

#5. The one who is pleasing her all the time

Buying a gift for your friend on her birthday is a sweet thing to do. But always doing things for her that go beyond the normal norms of friendship is going to make sure you always remain a friend in her eyes. She is going to think that she is anyway getting all the benefits of a relationship without committing to anything and she won’t do anything to change the scenario.

So if there is a girl that you really like and want to get into a relationship with, try making some changes to the way that she sees you and if you’re very lucky, you’ll escape the zone.

Written by Sanaa Mehra
Avid reader who will read anything thrown her way (provided that its fiction), Grammar Nazi to the T and a Lover of anything made by Bollywood (I mean anything.) If you're feeling sentimental, here I am!

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