Tuesday, 15 November 2016

That Special One

Everybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to tomorrow. This article is coming straight from the heart. And is a tribute to all those who hold a special place in our lives. We cry with them, we love them, we are ready to move on in our lives for them, we let go of materialistic pleasures for them.They give a new meaning to friendship, give a new meaning to love. Love does not have only one meaning. So let us broaden our perspective and try to understand the whole idea behind it.It has to do with the role a person has played in your life.

I have come very far from where I use to be, naïve, lost in the big world, dazzled by the paraphernalia around and rosy dreams about being an adult. Then there was a paradigm shift in my world. That special one taught me how not to be a fool and rely on what the world has to offer, because I am worthy more. There were times when I felt I am falling from a hill top, but then landed up on a cushion held by that special one right at the end of that hill! There are times when we feel (I did!) we have seen world more than what our elders did, have had experiences that the experienced ones probably did not. Probably we are living a little more life than our elders, a hell lot more carefree, a hell lot more fearless, far from the bads and goods which we have been stuffed with since our childhoods. But, it might just be my perception alone.

Every individual is bubbled. Poof! Yes, we all are bubbled. Some come out of it and some never do. But, have we ever thought how will we come out of it? Or how will we ever realize that we are in a bubble, at all! We all need that needle which makes us realize that one is caught in a bubble and needs to come out of it otherwise one might not grow intellectually at all and get stuck on one side of the bridge, always wondering what was waiting on the other side. That special one changes the whole perspective about life, about the people around and about the situations that come by. Sab confusion dete hain, but solution koi nahi deta. But, this special one will not give you a solution either, instead, will lead you to one. I am falling short of words to thank that special and probably you must be too.

That special one cannot be referred as him or her as it might change the perception about this whole idea. It could be anyone for you, mom, dad, family, anyone, the point is if you have someone like that, never forget to acknowledge what they have done for you, how far they have brought you from what you use to be and from where you never belonged! Because they would not realize what they have done and how they made life easier, but you do.

Written by Ashna Garg
Ashna grew up in a jazzy town (where she felt she can never fit in), did graduation in economics (where she didn’t fit either) and she writes (where she finally started to feel like she fits in).

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