Friday, 4 November 2016

Some of the Most Memorable Chick Flicks

Chick Flick is a film genre which mainly deals with love, romance and it is targeted mainly at the female audience.They have often been put down as sappy, emotional, melodramatic, soap operas, weepy, ridiculously unrealistic endings.

Most of the women dream of their Prince Geek Charming, becoming famous, being filthy rich and handsome.  All these are rare in our real life  but  many of the chick flicks are centered around these things.They not only impress women but also a majority of the masses because they have pure essence of entertainment, by engaging the audience in their twists and turns.When it comes to actors, they get to showcase more versatility through the emotion of the characters compared to other genres.In Hollywood, over the past few decades, we have seen many movies of this genre doing well.The main protagonist in such movies are the women. Hollywood has seen many charming female actors, it would be really tough to choose one chick flick  Queen, let us see some of the best chick flick actresses.
Julia Roberts is equally admired by both men and women and she has such a charming personality with distinct features. She has got stunning looks combined with quirky disposition making her the most adored celebrity. Pretty Women(1990), Notting Hill(1999), Runaway Bride(1999) are some of her best movies. Drew Barrymore, inspite of coming from a filmy Background,  she has carved out a niche for her. She proved that cute is the new hot. The Wedding Singer(1998),Never Been Kissed(1999) are some of her best movies. Jennifer Aniston,well even before she made it to Hollywood, she has been the Small screen sweetheart, because there is no need for the mention of F.R.I.E.N.D.S .

Love Happens(2009),Picture Perfect(1997),Just Go With It(2011) are some of her best movies. How could a chick flick list be complete without the 80’s Romcom Darling Meg. Between the “Harry Met Sally” And “You Have Got A Mail”,  she proved herself as a versatile queen of quirkiness. Sarah Jessica Parker,  before Carrie happened, she was a part of movies like “Honey Moon In Vegas” And “First Wives Club” after the Ms.Bradshaw. She has become the ultimate woman of the small screen. Renee Zellweger with Empire Records, Bridget Jones Diary And Katherine Heigl with “The Ugly Truth”,”Knocked Up”,  finally Cameron Diaz with “What Happens In Vegas”, "Something About Mary” , the List Can Go On Beyond This Slide.

Chick Flicks cannot be made interesting without equally charming male actors. Richard Gere was consistent in this category  with movies like Pretty Women, Nights In Rodante, Runaway Bride. Even the hunky actors like Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, Matthew Mcconaughey ,Brad Pitt are a part of many Chick Flicks.When it comes to picking one movie, it would be Pretty Women.

Plot: A man the Business needs an escort to accompany him to his business meetings, so he hires a prostitute and they finally fall in love.

I hope this genre of movies helps you pass those lazy weekends...

Written by Sreelekha Reddy

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