Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Smear Colours in a Sensible Way That Makes Your Look Fantabulous

In this fast running era where individuals don’t waste a single minute and are in a rush to achieve their goals, they don’t bother with anything. No time to eat, many sleepless nights, but not to my surprise they still worry for one thing that is FASHION. It has a great influence on our day to day life. No matter how busy we are but we need to get ready in a uniform way to look presentable before going for any work.
Sometimes while rushing, it happens that we wanted to wear blue jeans with a white top but we end up wearing a red colour apparel instead. The reason being though fashion is a dynamic part, still, people think not to waste time in searching stuff's and opts whatever they find first when they open their closet.

This issue generally happens to all and as a result, we sometimes wear repeated clothes and the new arrivals are kept as it is. To this very problem, there is a perfect solution; that is we have 7 days in a week so for each day select a particular colour code and keep the accessories, bags, footwear, makeup kit all related to that colour at one place and set your cupboard consequently.

There are several benefits doing this like it will help you to save your time, you can get a chance to wear different clothes also when others have an eye on you will feel that you are actually fashionable. Fashion is something that counts, how smart you are in carrying the newer ongoing trends sensibly from head to toe. For this, all you have to do is choosing a specific shade for a particular day along with all the necessities.

India is a country full of cultures and beliefs which already has 7-day colour codes with its elite encouraging part that symbolises something and you will find the majority of people following that unique code. Here are few suggestions that you can pick, apart from it, you can choose colours for each day according to your wish also.


The colour of purity, transparency and goodness is the best to opt it on MONDAY so that you can freshly start your week with the good vibes.

Women can wear any traditional or western outfit along with clutches, accessories, footwear all with a touch of white colour.

Men can wear formal or informal white shirts according to their preference.

Make sure to keep all the things at your reach because the first day of the week is really busy for all.


The tint of love, passion, desire can be elected for TUESDAY.

Right from red earrings to bracelets, wristwatch, pour yourself into red and knock your day with awesomeness.


There is no harm if you are choosing the colour of nature, lushness and wealth for WEDNESDAY.

Once in a week, you can directly or indirectly promote environmental awareness with green colour because today there is a much need of it.


The colour of happiness, cheerfulness and fun can be selected for THURSDAY.

You can wear a yellow or golden dress for the smart performance.


Again vibrant, temperate and charming colour code can be taken for FRIDAY.


To show the powerful and strong side of yours this shade is an accurate choice for SATURDAY.

On SUNDAY set it free and wear different shades that you haven’t opted like pink orange or any other cool or warm hue.

Written by Tanisha Chitransh
A Diligent, Punctual and Self-Motivated Person who believes in having good interpersonal skills.

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