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Shocking Facts About The Mystic AGHORIS

Bordering on the bizarre, the life of Aghoris is truly something else. Beyond the imagination of anybody normal, the sect is based on unorthodox and extraordinary practices. Being the most feared and the most revered sect of sadhus, they truly live onto their identity. They are however termed as notorious and evil for the  grisly rituals they perform as a part and parcel of their religious routine, enough to arouse curiosity and awe among the public.

But who exactly are these Aghori sadhus?

The Aghoras is said to have been over 1000 years old, the first Aghora sadhu being Keenaram. They inhibit the city of Varanasi (Banaras), alongside the banks of the river Ganga, where the most revered temple of Kasi Vishwanath stand proudly. Aghoris are devotees of Shiva manifested as Bhairava, who seek moksha from the cycle of reincarnation. This freedom is a realization of the self’s identity with the absolute.

WHAT MAKES THEM SO WEIRD? Be prepared for some stomach churning facts about these sadhus!


Yes, you read that right! Aghoris are not at all shy about their anatomy and they believe that they don't have anything to hide about their bodies. Acceptance of nakedness is their value. Many aghoris are found stark naked, surving the extreme harsh climatic conditions.


Across the nation, aghoris are famous for their extremely revolting appetite. Their food includes everything what a normal civilized person won't have at any cost. Things like rotten food, dumped food, animal faeces, urine and putrefying human corpses.

That's not it, all these things are eaten in a cup made of human skull! Consumption of excreta is said to kill ego and derail the human perception of beauty, which is essential for a man to lead his life as an Aghora.


Aghoris have the everlasting love affair with the dead. They are known to have sex with the dead and they also meditate on the cremation grounds.

If at all they convince a living woman to have sex with them, it would be on a cremating ground with the lady covered in the ashes of the dead.

The woman needs to be in her menstrual period! scared are we?


Aghoris don't believe in haircuts. They let it grow as they grown and are also least bothered about personal hygiene.

They look shabby and do very weird things, unacceptable by a normal human being.

They carry skull everywhere along with them. Now, that's a very scary fashion statement!


Aghoris have a interesting policy of no hatred towards any creature or thing. They believe that one who hates, cannot meditate or reach ‘Moksha’. Well, that’s something we never expected from them. We, who always look for reasons to hate others, whether based on religious views, skin colour, linguistic choices, political approaches, sexual orientation, gender, race ,and what not; whereas these socially different people totally accept everyone with open arms.


It hit as a surprise and awe of the scientists all over the world, The Aghoras claim that they have medicines that can treat some of the most stubborn diseases such as Cancer and even AIDS. Dumbstruck are we! These medicines are called ‘human oils’ and it comes from burning the human body collected from the burning pyre. Interesting people they are.

These sadhus have lived for thousands of years and they never left the opportunity to shock us by their abstract lifestyle. They live in a world of their own and term it as the world of the DEAD. However they claim themselves to be the greatest  disciples of lord Shiva. The most threatening yet the most calm people across the nation - AGHORIS.

Written by Navya Vijay
A crazy dreamer bibliophile, budding writer!

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