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Sexual Education Is a Necessity in India

“Sex” is considered a taboo in India and has always been a controversial topic. You can only talk about it in hushed tones or just keep it to yourself. Although the newest generation is way more open to talking about “sex”, it’s still a long shot to go the full way. Even that is all in only cities or urban dwellings, so, it’s more or less all the same in the big scheme of things.

Sex Education in technical term is about instruction on issues that are related to human sexuality which also envelopes emotionality, relationship, responsibility, human sexual anatomy, the age of consent, sexual activity, sexual reproduction, safe sex, birth control and sexual abstinence among others.

Sexual education should be taught and introduced to children at different paces at the different level of ages. It should be a gradual process of making children and teenagers aware about this topic according to their mental and physical level.

It is of necessity in India today, because of many reasons which are described here:


It is a society’s responsibility to provide a platform for its children and teenagers to be educated about themselves. This education needs to be both emotionally and physically. These young people have to have a knowledge and awareness about various aspects of their life and their role in that.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

This old age adage has taught us rightfully so, that we need to work proactively than facing the consequences and then taking action. By imparting sexual education, a young boy or girl have a better understanding of everything and knows the preventative measures one need to take in certain situations.

No Parent Involvement

It’s a very well known fact that parents here don’t talk about “sexual” matters to their children, nor a mother to her daughter or a father to his son. It could be due to various reasons as in they are uncomfortable or shy or they have no idea on how to touch this sensitive subject or it may be just because they don’t want to. Here, it is important that if not at home, then at least at school level they should have an understanding of it.

Easy Availability of Adult Sites

There are a heck lot of adult sites available on the internet that are easy to get access to, for anyone. Parents can take a number of precautions to keep their children away from these adult sites, but it’s inevitable. Parents can’t guard their ward all the time and it’s bound to happen so, it's better if they beforehand know what is best for them and what isn’t.

Wrong Information

Young boys and girls usually gather and have misconceptions and wrongful information regarding Sex from online sources or from their friends which serve them the wrong way in their life. They don’t have an idea of what is safe for them and what could harm them.

Ever Increasing Population

It is evident from our rapidly growing population how much we need “Sexual Education” at various stages of our life.

It is high time that we get to understand the importance of “sexual education” and make it a necessity at schools and colleges to have a safer, healthier and smarter generation and a nation.

Written by Anjali Tyagi
I am a hardcore reader and a story weaver with an affinity for words and to rhyme.

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