Monday, 14 November 2016

Rock On 2 Review: Does it rock again?

It's been 8 years since the movie Rock On released in 2008, but it still remains so fresh in our memories due to a distinct genre of music, which is still a rare epicentre for movies in India. So, as an audience, the expectation from Rock On 2 becomes even higher.

Coming to the story, things have changed since the members of the band Magik reunited at the end of Rock On and the death of Rob (Luke Kenny). Aditya Shroff has again left music and runs a farmer's cooperative (tea-plantation) in Meghalaya, Joe (Arjun Rampal) is now a reality show judge and also a club owner, while KD (Purab Kohli) is still into music and has taken it up as a career. 

While there appears a void in their lives purpose, which obviously is coming together and creating music again, there is also a lack of direction going forward. Then comes the new characters in the plot, Jiah (Shraddha Kapoor) and Uday (Shashank Arora), who have promising but untapped talents, it adds up a new and fresh dimension to the story. The band members of the original band Magik, are fighting their own internal demons and creating music seems to the perfect outlet. At the same time, creating a new genre of music for the new India which is free from any competition and barriers, and connecting people, adds a great sense of purpose in their lives. All the characters justify their roles and it can be termed as one of the best performances of Shraddha Kapoor till date. 

The amalgamation of the individual characters and their respective stories lead to a smooth transition of music taking the center stage. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, have again delivered their musical genius through Rock On 2. You will notice that the music grows as the movie advances and will definitely give goosebumps to the music lovers out there. Another refreshing aspect of Rock On 2 is the location, Shillong not only adds up a beautiful demographic and cultural aspect to the story, it also made sense for this musical film as Shillong is also referred as the Rock Capital of India. Also, different generations can relate to this movie as it more about the human bonding and emotions, and how music can get along different people together for a mission.

While your appetite for music would be taken care of, all throughout the movie, the end credit scene with Woh Jahan song changing to the Rock On 2 title track, would let you leave the theaters on a really high note. It always becomes difficult to carry on the legacy of a highly successful prequel but Rock On 2 does not disappoint. Retaining its old charm, it has also added up some required fresh elements and proves out to be an enriching as well as an enlightening source of entertainment.

Written by Rohit Jha

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