Wednesday, 2 November 2016

PINK: Challenging Social Stigma And Stereotypes

It's 2016, yet another developing and quickly changing year. We have all developed, haven't we? Be it our lifestyle, choices, demands, thoughts, actions, our society and many more factors.

With this developing phase, there are still individuals, who, to this day do not get what is right or what is wrong.

Respecting women are the most top priority and an integral factor in our existing society. There are people, including some of the well-educated ones, that fail terribly to do so. Why is that? It's their mentality, a low one.

It doesn't matter how she dresses, where she goes, if she's spending time with a guy, none of these defines or give any indication to judge a woman.

We talk a lot about freedom, but does it really exist? When there is no freedom to wear the types of clothing you want, where you're looked down upon and highly judged if you don't wear "the appropriate clothing."

Now coming to the movie PINK that literally moved almost everyone who watched it.

Where do I even start from?

An intelligently brilliant movie, crafted in the most accurate and beautiful manner, showcasing, rather the world, the importance of respect, integrity and the thought process of an individual.

It showcase how women are taken for granted, how their opinions and words are not taken into consideration, how they are forced to perform sexual activities, how people take advantage of  them, how bribe influences one to go to the wrong path, and how they are brutally judged on the basis of clothing they wear and friendliness attitude they possess.

a) You have no right to judge anyone on the basis of clothing. Clothing does not label her character.

b) You cannot force her into sex. If it's a NO, it's a NO.

c) Molesting is a crime. It's inhumane and the most disgusting thing ever.

d) STOP with the JUDGING


f) STOP LABELING a women

g) Change your mentality into a better, logical and a right one.

If you haven't already watched the movie PINK please do. The number of rapes and assaults occurring is terrible. A change in society is needed. A change in the mentality is needed. If you know someone who happens to have a low mentality, influence them, make them watch PINK.
You are the change, make it happen. Make the world a better place to live in.

Written by Divya Raheja
On a journey to seek the great perhaps.

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