Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Oxidised Jewellery Makes A Come Back

In very simple terms, Fashion is something that “COMES, GOES & REPEATS”. We keep on saying or hearing ‘this trend is out-dated’ or ‘that one is old fashion’. Actually, it is just a myth. When the upcoming trend overtakes the latest on going fashion, then for a certain period of time it just gets fade away. After ages and more, these come back with a boom to spread a new charm.

Same is with these oxidised jewelleries. For the time being, these were not spotted generally but at present they are again in limelight. A sparkly beauty of black n silver is often compared to the blink of stars. With this, the oxidised silver blends with any skin type hence embellish the look of the wearer.

Nowadays, it is noticed that for any parties or celebrations women are not wearing only gold jewelleries but desiring to match the ornaments with their dress code. Gone are the days when ladies used to wear heavy gold jewelleries, instead jewellery lovers are now seen in artificial, kundan or oxidised based silver accessories which is adding flavour to their style and look in a classy way.

Oxidised slivers doesn’t mean only combo of black and silver but new innovation to it are the colourful shiny embedded gems that are complementing most of the trends.

Ultimately these exquisite oxidised charms are gaining so much of popularity, thus the designers are coming up with more fresh designs from head-to-toe which includes head accessories, hand harness, armlets, necklaces, earrings, ear cuffs, hand rings, toe rings and more like bracelets, alphabet or name carved pendants, religious icons, gemstones, unique designs from old era and bangles.

The wondrous thing about this kind of ornaments is, we can pair it up with traditional as well as with trendy ones. When blended perfectly with your match, it can steal the show in an ornamented and modish way.

Extreme rise in the price of Gold made Silver as a second option for buyers and manufacturers.

Therefore, this oxidised silver regained its position and the market offered many types of designs and varieties in a very affordable range to be purchased by anyone.

To add drama to your looks; these nicely crafted antique jewels are in much demand, ‘GO FOR IT’.

Coming to the maintenance, these stuffs need a proper care so that it can be long lasting. All you have to do is; keep the jewellery in a box and cover it with cotton and close the lid of the airtight box properly such that it is away from the direct contacts of light. When light directly falls on these types of ornaments it makes it dull in shine. So place it carefully in your closet or drawer to avoid lights.

Written by Tanisha Chitransh
A Diligent, Punctual and Self-Motivated Person who believes in having good interpersonal skills.

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