Monday, 28 November 2016

Observation: Things that do not make sense

We tend to ignore little observations about the surroundings simply for the fact that they do not affect our lives much. But it is interesting to know that we all might have observed the same scenario once in our lifetime! Let us start with Déjà vu. I am pretty sure you all must have felt that the same situation or the same glimpse has happened before, gazillion times! Aisa lag raha hai ki yeh ho chukka hai. At that moment, the life just stops to think when this has happened, or where have I seen this before? Whoa!

Let’s jump to another such observation. So this is an observation, which I and my sister have made a lot of times!

When you look at something continuously 

You see small particles or figures flowing all around. And if you concentrate on seeing what exactly they are, they either jump upwards or fall downwards! However, after a while of this war, you finally get to see them and then a thought flashes your mind, ‘What a waste of time!’

Have you ever felt as if you are falling down while sleeping 

Or as if fell down the bed without any context? And, suddenly you wake up with a jerk! I don’t know the reason for that. I wish I did and hence stop it from happening. It is scary!

Whenever we are talking about someone (not in a very good sense)

Why does it happen, the person is roaming around, very near to you! Wow! Has happened tons of times with me! Or whenever we try to ignore a situation or a person, that same thing happens unexpectedly.


They just come and stand in the middle of the road and do not move no matter what. You are always scared to move the car around them as they might hit the vehicle.

Have you ever thought how the apartments are built? 

They seem to be human lives stacked on one another. Where people go to a factory every day and walk out as robots wearing blues and greys and whites and blacks.

What about the relatives?

Who whenever see you, have one statement to say, kitni badi ho gayi hai! Dus saal pehle dekha tha! and what about those days when we were young and something stupid happens, it’s like the end of the world! We being so dramatic! And everything is in extremes. We want to try every random stuff because we think we’ll be cool. Our definition for everything is so different from each other! It’s amazing how our brain works. We have the capacity to think anything and everything!

A lot of random stuff, huh? But, the point is we miss out certain experiences just because we feel that they do not matter. I know, they still don’t and these might only be my observations. But they change the way you think about life or anything. If we just start living ignoring them, the life will be so boring!

Share your weird observations in the comments below.

Written by Ashna Garg
Ashna grew up in a jazzy town (where she felt she can never fit in), did graduation in economics (where she didn’t fit either) and she writes (where she finally started to feel like she fits in). 

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