Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Nathuram Godse is speaking his heart through a Marathi play

Various books, plays, documentaries, films have been crafted on the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, and the majority of them are from the Gandhi's perspective. But unlike the rest, ‘Hey Ram...Nathuram’ a Marathi drama is purely based from Nathuram (assassinator of Mahatma Gandhi). This realistic play unfolds Nathuram's perspective without justifying the assassination or glorifying him. Produced by Pramod Dhurat and Sharad Ponkshe, the two-act play portrays Nathuram's thoughts who aimed for secular India.

Sharad Ponkshe who is playing the lead character of Nathuram brilliantly unveils different shades of Nathuram with his versatile acting. Vivek Joshi, Jayant Ghate, Hemant Donkar and other artists with their commendable acting skills have given their inputs to make the play more impactful.

The continuation of ‘Hey Ram’ with three dots (Hey Ram…Nathuram!) also has a deep meaning which is revealed in the play by logical questions.

The simple, minimalistic yet visually effective set-up adds up more to establish the realistic aspects of the play.

The effective dialogues which solely communicate and connect every viewer’s heart are impressive. The symbolic dialogues with the simplicity in language uphold the entire play. The remarkable monologue in the court set-up being the crucial part of the play is brilliantly delivered by Sharad Ponkshe. With its effective dialogues, the monologue will melt your heart and lead goose bumps on your hands.

Not compromising with the technical aspects, the sound effects by Rahul Ranade in the symbolic drama is not less than the cinema's sound designing.

With the sole aim to spread Nathuram's thoughts and point of view without portraying him as a hero, the play is running in various theatres across Mumbai. With its perfect dialogue delivery, incredible acting and realistic set, you will step out of the theatre with a completely different perception!

Written by Radhika Shah
Living in the city of dreams to paint words

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