Monday, 21 November 2016

More Than A Pretty Face

"She does not have a model face."
"He does not look as good as an actor should look like."
"But she is not that pretty."

Such comments and opinions are often heard and passed irrelevant of the gender. People often judge others by their face, especially artists who are performers now and then find themselves in such conversations. This stereotype has been dwelling in the world since ages. And this stereotype often shatters the confidence of the deserving people and doubts their capabilities. But one needs to know that it is NOT JUST ABOUT THE FACE. And this is not only for the celebrities or performers but for an ordinary individual as well. Because no matter what one is, they are judged by their appearance.

It is not only the face that builds an impression or makes its presence felt, but there are other factors as well where an individual holds more importance than a 'pretty face'.

1. Confidence

More than that pretty face, it is about how confident you are about yourself. A fair skin tone, hazel eyes, perfect cheek bones, but being not confident about yourself and doubting your capabilities will never be admired.  But an average looking person, with the spark of confidence will always make his/her mark.

2. Conduct

The way you are confident about yourself and how you represent yourself to the world is far more important than that featured face. A person who knows what is the best of himself and how to carry it well will always crack the impression. 

3. Charisma

Charisma is something by which one can impress someone by its personal charm. And this does not require a featured face. It is all about how one feels about himself and that will reflect to the outer world as one’s magic charm. 

So next time, do not judge a person by his or her appearance, because then you may miss out the opportunity to know a beautiful person.

Written by Radhika Shah
Living in the city of dreams to paint words

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