Monday, 21 November 2016

Magicbricks Experience Center: A Revolution in Real Estate

Buying a new home is one of the most special feelings that people can have in their lives, but searching and deciding for a new home can often be equally tedious, time-consuming as well as a confusing experience. The various pain points of the buyers include lack of transparency, visiting the numerous property locations, imagining the under-construction properties etc. To resolve these issues, Magicbricks, India's no 1 property portal, launched India's First Real Estate Experience Center at Magicbricks Western Express Highway Metro Station in Mumbai on 16th Nov, 2016. This innovative center harnesses the power of the future technologies involving Virtual and Augmented Reality for an insightful and hassle-free property search experience.

In the current scenario of real estate market, the 2-dimensional layout of flats under construction is all that we have to imagine what it would look like. But imagine, with the help of virtual reality gadgets, if you can get an experience of moving around in a flat, your decision-making process can be simplified to a great extent. The 'Experience Center' at Magicbricks comes equipped with all the related Virtual Realty solutions which would give a near-to-real experience of a property which is still under construction.

Home Buying also involves a lot of research about the locality and the adjoining areas. People often land up purchasing an apartment which may not the required ventilation or enough natural light. Magicbricks have efficiently utilized  Augmented Realty to help consumers get an aerial view of the property. This not only helps people to locate their apartments in the society but also get a fair knowledge of other factors like the availability of open and green spaces around, inter-tower space and their apartments distance from the main entrance of the societies.

Crucial decisions like buying a home also involve a lot of research regarding the related risks. Buyers have to spend a lot of time to understand and mitigate the risks related to the property, project and the developer. Magicbricks, in its endeavor to help the consumers for a smooth and foolproof research, is exposing its massive database collected over a period of the past 8 years through the Match My Needs application. Through this application, a home buyer can know the accurate data with respect to the locality, track record of the developer and property trends of that particular area.

This Experience Center has numerous advantages not only for the home buyers but also for the property sellers. Displaying their properties through the virtual and augmented reality solutions would enable them a wider outreach as compared to the traditional property display mechanisms. A transparent platform like this would help in reducing the barrier between the consumer expectation and the reality, thus enabling more trust. The prime location of this center at WEH, Metro Station would give sellers a lucrative chance to showcase their property content to lakhs of commuters on a daily basis.

With a unique center like this established for the first time in India, Magicbricks has once again justified its position of being the leader in the online real estate space. It is an exemplary initiative of the merger between the online and offline world for a better home buying experience. When it comes to involving technology in this process, it perfectly demonstrates an efficient mixture of high quality hardware utilizing the latest softwares. This world-class technology  'Experience Center' at the WEH, Metro Station is definitely worth a visit.

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Written by Rohit Jha

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