Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Life of a Creative Person

As Frank Barron says, “The creative person is both more primitive and more cultivated, more destructive, a lot madder and a lot saner, than the average person.” The creative people are a very unique breed of people, some might loath them, some might get irritated them and some puzzled by them but you all have to admit it, we can’t help being awestruck by them. Awestruck or not, I’m sure you’ve always wondered what is it that makes a creative person’s life very different. So, here I bring for you an honest account of a creative person’s writing.

Borderline OCD/ Possessiveness

Almost every creative person is very (read as: very very very) careful about their creative tools. There are many people who would freak out if their writing diary is missing, but would be relatively indifferent when they lose their phone. Also, most of us are very particular about some things, such as, I want my colour pens to be in a particular order, kept in a specific way beside my notebook when I write.

Mood swings

I know almost everyone knows this one very well. The mood swings of the creative people are very famous and many of you might have borne the brunt of it. But do you know the reason behind these very famous (or infamous) mood swings? No, contrary to what you think, those sulks are not completely baseless. Our mood depends on the progress that we have made in our creative pursuits. For example, when I spend a day staring at the blank screen in vain, failing to come up with a good story, my mood goes down the hill. This might be because creativity is very closely related to the emotions, so a person’s emotional state might be heavily influenced by the outcomes of their creativity.


Insecurity regarding your own work is a given for everyone. But in my opinion, creative people feel more insecure because, firstly, a creation is very close to one’s heart and a rejection of that person’s creation would mean a rejection of the person itself. Also, a creative pursuit involves not a only a necessity of refining your skills, but also about your express of individualism, which makes a creative person take the rejection of his/her creation seriously and personally.


Most creative people tend to limit their talking, because it is believed that too much time of letting your mouth talk hinders your brain from spending the time in thinking. And since the whole concept of creativity is dependent on an individual’s own thoughts, a creative person typically spends less time talking and more time thinking about the presence of the elements of a creation in the surroundings. I, for example, did not pay attention to my friend while she was talking for quite some time (and as a result missed very “interesting” gossip about a classmate), because the design of the dupatta inspired me to replicate the intricate details in the form of a painting.


Since we don’t talk much, we tend to be more observant. A creative person always has a knack of noticing minute details about a scene or person, because we talk less. One of my friends, for example, noticed how the colour of my earrings was matching with the wall of our classroom, because painting gave her a knack for observing colours.

Written by Aneri Doshi
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