Thursday, 3 November 2016

Khaike 'Fire Paan' Mumbaiwala

Mumbai is a place where cultures and traditions from all over the country get mixed with each other and form a unique ‘Bambaiya culture’. When it comes to food, Mumbai satisfies your appetite and tongue with a mixture of food from various cultures. We enjoy Irani Chai, Chinese Dosa only in this city, then how can a different type of Paan stay away from here! Have you thought of having a fire with a Paan? This dreamland can make you fall in love with anything and everything. ‘Fire Paan’ is not an exception!

The location to get this fire paan is near from Charni Road station on the western railway. Once you take a road towards Girgaon, you will find Narendra Paanwala in the lane opposite to the road. Paan has been India’s cultural identity from Vedic times. Lord Krishna is believed to have had betel leaf folded with supari and other sweet. It has been around three decades Narendraji is in this business. “Paan is made up with a mixture of spices. In fire paan, we put clove as it is inflammable”, as told by Narendraji who is famous for his special item, “I learned to make this when I went to Jaipur a few years ago. When I came back here, I thought to do this experiment. People used to get scared of fire in the beginning and now, they come from different corners of the city just for this paan. It is very popular in the evening time.”

Paan has a great legacy since historical times. It used to stay in the residences of elites. In the times of Peshwas, paan was a very prestigious thing, which is found in every corner of the road now. The concept of fire paan is from Gujarat, it is basically inspired by fire shots of alcohol. Have you ever imagined eating a fire paan in summer? Yes, it has more demand in winter and summer. Once you chew and swallow it, you will feel a cold sensation in your throat and it will eventually reach to stomach.

Paan is generally chewed after having food as a stimulant. It is useful in curing ailments like a cough, cold and headache. Fire paan actually helps you fighting cold and flu. While it gives you Garmi Mein Thandi Ka Ehsaas, it is very light for your pockets too! You will get this for just 20 bucks. So next time, put your favorite Banarasi and Meetha paan a little aside and give a try to this flaming mouth freshener.

Written by Medini Kajarekar
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