Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Integrated Content Marketing: The Latest Business Trend

This is the age of “Digital”. Online presence has created unprecedented scenarios and advantages to the business community. The best way to connect to your customers is by making them understand you, your products or services and your offerings to them. Customers look for impartial input while making any purchase which is their own personal research.

The businesses can help out the customers in their research by providing them impartial and valuable content to support their research or you have to allow your customers to get this information from outside sources.

This is where Integrated Content marketing comes as customers are keen to do their own personal research. You can help them out by providing them information in terms of what you are offering and your qualities along with acknowledging the areas you’re lacking. By integrating impartial content to support customer decisions, you add value and integrity to your business.

Content includes blogs, articles, and e-newsletters which make use of informative as well as an entertaining tone to appease the customers. There are different components that are essential for this marketing tool.


The type of content you want to share with your audience. It is not limited to only articles or blog posts; you can even approach various other kinds as in infographics, videos or may be a webinar.


Who are you creating this content for? Seek out all the answers relating to your audience such as who is your ideal audience? Where to find them? How to communicate with them? Their buying patterns along with their language. Have a thorough understanding of your audience.

Content Creators

In order to create the content, you need content creators. You have to make the decision if you want to outsource this task or have an in-house team dedicated to this work specifically. Look out for samples and references whichever mode you decide to go for.


Have a pre-set goal as of the actions you want your audience to take as in follow you, share it and sign up or something exact. Don’t make sales the focus of your content as content is more of a driving force to the audience’s decisions.


To know about the success or failure or to seek out any shortcomings in your content strategy, measurement is required. You can achieve this by calculating your conversion rate, subscriber growth, follow up on your social media and retweets among other methods.

You can make it a success by creating an integrated content strategy which involves lots of practices involving cohesive approach making customer satisfaction your focal point. Make an engaging conversation with your customer through your content, not presentation.

Written by Anjali Tyagi
I am a hardcore reader and a story weaver with an affinity for words and to rhyme.

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