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How to Worship in Today's Hectic Life?

“Worshipping leads to divinity and serenity”

Almost all of us worship, though, may not every day. Most of the parents wish to see their children worship (at least someone). Worshipping is inevitable for any person who does not want her/ his precious life to rest in futility. For many of us, worship brings happiness, makes our life joyful, stabilizes our mind, and at a higher level it lets us experience some invaluable aspects of spirituality. But, sometimes the question arises “is it obligatory to believe in worshipping? Is it that much valuable? Or “how can we manage time for worshipping in a totally hectic work schedule in a world where there is no time to drink properly?”

I have simple and effective answers for such ambiguous questions. One may feel my solutions far away from pragmatism. But, I am sure, applications of these words in the remaining part of this write-up will bear some fruit (at least to a few. By maintaining these, one can enjoy the same happiness which a true worshipper gets. You can take these as an alternative of worshipping to some extent.

Be active

Being active is crucial. Always be ready to take positive steps or initiatives. Is it sounding weird? Being precise, every day make yourself active (physically, mentally and emotionally) to help other, be it your friends, your colleagues, or any lad wearing rags on his dark, skinny body at the edge of your very familiar road.

Devout yourself in your work

“Work is worship”. So, focusing on your work with devotion will make you feel satisfied when you will go to your bed. So, try to be less mechanical. If your job is monotonous one, try to relate your job and tasks with your hobbies which will make you feel less stressed. We feel the need to worship because we want to get rid of stresses and tensions of our life. So, if you are able to relate your daily job with your favorite hobbies in any way, then it will serve the purpose of worshipping. However, how you do it, depends on you.

Fulfill others’ wishes

If we can strive to fulfill our each and every wish, then it is not so tough to effort for fulfilling others’ wishes. You will get incessant happiness from it.

Be generous

Being generous is wise. Your smiling and jolly personality can change others’ mood and behavior. So, it will give ample satisfaction to you.

Being calm

An excitement in all situations can make things messy. So, always try to control your emotion and keep yourself calm and compose. Listen what others say. Encourage your fellow people, and make them feel special.

Take rest

Whatever the situation is, you should learn to take ample amount of rest within a short period of time. Rest does not mean sleeping. Taking ample rest in a short period is an art People who attain this, find their life happier.

Nurture your health

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. So, one must try to maintain his/her health at much as possible. Health is the gift of the Almighty. The role of meditation and exercise is well known to us.

Listen music

It may sound unusual, but music gives great relief to our mind. So, if you want to get more satisfaction and make yourself stress-free, listen to mild soulful music while taking rest or working. You do not need to find extra time for listening music.

Help in counseling others

Supporting someone emotionally and helping him/her in solving his/her problems and hurdles will provide peace to your mind. Try to create a positive atmosphere in your circle or society. You will feel the joy afterward.

All these things which I have mentioned above, do not take extra time or effort. Worshipping relaxes our mind. And above mentioned things also serve the same purpose. I am not denying that worship is inevitable. But, in such a hectic, mechanical life, we need to save time and also have to achieve every dream. So, these are helpful. God is within us, and we can see his/her in every soul. By worshipping, we wish to satisfy the Almighty and our own soul. So, if you do not have ample time to worship separately, then those above mentioned points can help you in attaining similar benefits.

Written by Dhiraj Medhi
A Masters student in Linguistics and Endangered Languages, Dhiraj is fond of writing, singing and playing instruments. He wishes to create a positive atmosphere in the society through this writings and music.

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