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How to Drape Your Saree in 5 Glamorous Ways

“Saree”, one dress which is glamorous, sensuous and an all-time favourite for women. Be it a festive season, casual party, or any other celebration, this 6 yard longed fabric spreads a different charm whosoever wears it.

In this modern word, it continues to become everyone's favourite attire starting from celebrities to common women. Nowadays, Mermaid style, Pant style, Butterfly style, Skirt style, Half float and Half tucked style, are buzzing hot. Here we will start from basic style, as how to wear a Saree then we will go through all of them step by step:

Basic Style

Requirement: Saree, Blouse, Petticoat.

Some important tips before draping a saree:

  • Always wear petticoat gently at waists, so that pleats can be tucked in properly without a fall.
  • Do wear heals, or any of your footwear, as this brings perfect length draped around the body.
  • Use safety pins to pin up pleats and sections where the drape is required to be fixed.


  • From the top edge, take the Saree end; tuck it in the petticoat starting from right side to left side of your waist.
  • From the left hand, bring the drape around your waist from the back to the centre front tucking in it.
  • Start making 6-8 pleats of the remaining drape at the centre and tuck it in the petticoat, facing pleats to the left.
  • Now take open drape across your back to front from the right side. Don’t tuck it. Pin up the pleats at the centre and tuck the drape edge at left side waists.
  • Come to the pallu, take the width section and start making pleats approximately 5-6 inches, keep in mind border should fall on the first pleat to drape it on shoulder.
  • Hold the pleats in vertical and bring the drape from beneath the right armhole, pulling it towards and across your shoulder.
  • Keeping at least a metre length, fall it down from the shoulder, place it properly and pin it to fix it. FLASH your beauty with this attire. 

With the help of this basic style, you can drape the latest styles easily.

1. Mermaid Style

This style type gives mermaid look as it gives curvy effect on the hip section. Going for any party, this style is very comfortable to carry, as the pallu is not hanging from the shoulder.


  • Drape your saree in basic style till the step, after placing the edge on front level centre petticoat, tuck the edge till left side waist.
  • Start making pallu pleat with the open edge approx. 5-6 inches, placing the top border on top as the first pleat.
  • Now bring the pleated drape across your left hand side back to right side. Throw it from right back side to right shoulder front, as hanging on right.
  • The length of pallu should be long enough such that it reaches above toe level and pin up the pleats at shoulder point.
  • Take the first pleat edge and spread it on your front body, wrapping around till back side, and bring it again forward till the left sides is in full stretched fitted form.
  • Now hold the corner, pin it up under the drape across, on the left side by the thigh.

2. Pant Style

This one is becoming popular day by day. Easy to wear, you look gorgeous in no time.


This doesn’t require any petticoat; rather this style can be made with leggings or pants till ankle length with fitting blouse. All you need to do is taking the saree pallu and start making pleats and put it on left shoulder.
Now take the other end and bring it back from the right waist to left side and tuck in properly at waist. With the remaining hanging saree, make pleats and tuck it in the centre pant.

Finally, adjust the pallu pleats so that your front body is covered up well and pin it on shoulders properly.

Everyone will be speechless once you enter with this style in party. Try it.

3. Butterfly Style

This style is really stunning if draped flawlessly. For this, start tucking the top border of your saree around the waist from right hand side in such a way that the border of the saree should touch the floor.

Now make 5-7 pleats and tuck them, the pleats should face the left side. From front back sidestake the pallu, make small pleats and on your left shoulder, hang them at the back end and pin it.

Partially cover your chest or leave pallu thin to reveal the navel.  Pin up the pleats with a blouse.

4. Half Float and Half Tucked Style

This one is really very simple. All you have to do is drape your saree in basic style and now take the width section.

With a brooch half tuck the pallu and allow the remaining through the left shoulder giving gorgeous look to the saree.

5. Skirt Style

All you have to do is stitching a pallu with your skirt and flaunt your beauty with this hot style.

Written by Tanisha Chitransh
A Diligent, Punctual and Self-Motivated Person who believes in having good interpersonal skills.

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