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How To Do Amazing Nail Art

Want to be in a full form, rock the upcoming by wearing pretty colours on your finger and toe tips. Many brands are creating new kind of nail polishes with astonishing and sparkling effects. The reason is; besides your hair and face, nails also expresses out your beauty trend. So do not simply polish, beautify it by embossing art on it.

Nail art is a creative way of painting, decorating, enhancing and glamorizing the nails. These are usually done after manicures and pedicure, as these beauty treatments trims, gives a shape and polishes the nails. The pedicure removes the shield and helps to soften the outer skin of the nails. The fashion of nail art got its exposure from the films but gained popularity by one of the women magazine.

Before 2000’s the trend of making art on nails was not in so much of demand; it came into limelight after the internet age and the frequent use of the social media. Social sites played a crucial role in bringing up this trend. It welcomed the masses to share their creativity and provides millions of new designs to embellished on nails. The idea of making art on fingertips and toe tips was adopted by the teens, adult, and women. They started keeping long nails to do the creativity on it and rapidly it became trending fashion like never before. Seeing the craze; many nail polish industries started to come up with the different type of nail art kits, pens, dotting tools, brushes, stationery tape/stickers, coloured stripping tape, decorative beads that you can do it yourself without any experts or professionals.

Do not just put nail polishes that match to your outfits rather you can match the finger and toe tips with your clutches and bags too. 3D charm, textured pattern, oil spill, water marbling are trending now but you can start with the easy one.

Let’s begin with;

Simple Newspaper Nail Art

All you need as an ingredient is- base and top coat nail polish, white colour or any light shade nail paint, alcohol/water and bits of newspaper cutting.

1. Wash your hands gently with mild soap, half dry it and apply a base coat.

2. As it dry, apply white colour or any light colour shade nail paint on your fingertips and leave for few minutes.

3. Now take your one finger and dip it in a bowl of alcohol or water.

4. After taking the fingers out, place a bit of newspaper on it, press it lightly and remove the paper gently. Once completing apply top coats to seal the design and make it shiny.
This technique is easy to process in less time.

Water Marbling

For this nail art, you'll need: A container filled with water (preferably bottled water), Nail polish remover, Nail polishes of your choice, Base coat, Top coat, Toothpicks, Cotton swabs.


1. To start all you need to do is, apply base coats and leave to dry. Loosen all the lids of the polishes you are going to be using, and set them within easy reach. Draw the brush out of the first nail paints bottles, keeping the brush loaded with polish. Holding it close to the water surface, allow a drop to fall onto the water. See if the polish drips disperse across the surface to form a thin film.

2. Select your next polish quickly, and repeat the process, aiming for the centre of the first layer of polish. Repeat this process again, with contrasting colours of your choice, like we have taken pink and yellow.

3. With the cocktail sticks drag gently through the colours to create a pattern. Place your nails into the nail polish pattern and push your fingers right down into the water. After bringing nails out from bowl clean the excess paint with the help of cotton stabs and toothpicks. With the help of remover also you can clean the polish on the outer skin of the finger. Try using the marbling technique for accent nails such as the ring fingers or thumbnails.

4. Seal your design with a glossy top coat

3D Charm

You will require Acrylic Nail Brushes, Acrylic liquid, Paper towels

1. To give a 3D effect on your nails, take a small ball of pink acrylic mixtures and place it onto nails.

2. Press the ball gently in a vertical manner to give it a shape of a petal. Add more petals in a similar way to form a flower.

3. Now take a yellow ball of acrylic paint and place it in the middle to give the complete look of a flower. Apply top coats to seal the art.
There are several other similar and amazing designs available online, why don’t you try some of it and be an occasion ready with your nails.

Written by Tanisha Chitransh
A Diligent, Punctual and Self-Motivated Person who believes in having good interpersonal skills.

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