Friday, 25 November 2016

How to Calm Down and Avoid Radicalism

It is using a hyperbole in relating cult classics with what are often instances of genocide. However, is it all that different? People align themselves with views of V and Tyler for the ruinous effects governments and corporations have hurled on us time and again. We often have thoughts of destruction to eliminate our projected evils once and for all and it feels good to see such heart thumping magnificent sights of upheaval with a background of rock or maybe classical symphony but the experience is no different from any terror attack as seen by a terrorist. People may argue in both exemplary instances, that no one except the corporations and the totalitarians were to be harmed but the collateral damage, a favourite term amongst propagandists, is never discussed.

We as individuals are subject to legal and economic constraints and each of these movies addresses one of them. 

The makers while imbuing the ideal of anarchy forgets one crucial thing: there will be a tomorrow. We all dream of a society where there is equality and freedom of organic life, basically laissez-faire. The protagonist of Fight Club targets the corporations by wiping debt records causing economic chaos. But this is only a country we are speaking about. Unless you can bring down the economic and legal systems worldwide you cannot go back to the desired chaos. While nationalism may very well be an artificial concept to be disregarded, such act endangers many innocent and in this case, feisty people who will inevitably be engulfed in another Great Depression as national debts are still due with no record of anybody liable for payment.

In V for Vendetta, we see the people overhauling a totalitarian government through acts of destruction. Deposing a system leaves its subjects vulnerable to external forces unless again, you have deposed every system worldwide. Where the system is the perpetrator, it is like a gang who extorts your savings for your protection. The reason you pay and subjugate yourself is because you fear other gangs. When you understandably still expose yourself to them, then you are presumed to have the worst and you are inviting a better one to take its place. In essence, there is no escape as you are now an internal parasite in a perpetual being well developed with systematic suppression of inessentials. You may only bring it down all at once or it will regenerate itself and eliminate you with antibodies. However, you do need a new host to live on.

When we see people plotting a mass homogenization by total destruction, we subconsciously loathe our existence on an undesired superstructure and support the cause of return to our cradles. It is probably because the complexity has far exceeded our tensile strength and our bodies crave equilibrium. But while a few may responsibly cherish any newfound freedom in the revolution, we are also instantaneously giving unbridled rights to a mass guided by carnal instincts trusting their judgment.

As Marvel villains say, "unless we have truly achieved equality in slavery, there can be no ultimate liberation to the natural state." That is probably what enterprises are aiming for anyway. The society was built for a purpose and while it might reach its desired equality someday, it is probably not yet ready for liberation as envisaged by the ideologists.

Hence, when you feel influenced by a screaming orator and perceive a fervent rage rising in you, take a deep breath and think about the consequences logically. Do not be swayed by blank words of inevitable victory. If you are thinking of taking radical actions or joining a cult, first think whether the end you want can be achieved through violence. Take some time to think how your actions may affect innocents. Most importantly, calm down and do something you love. More likely than not, you will realize that extremism is not the answer. Mediation and playing one’s part in the society is essential for collaborative growth.

Written by Sayantani Saha
Writer, dreamer of world exploration and lover of high fantasy

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