Monday, 28 November 2016

Have Some Style In Your Hair This Winter

Hairs are an important part of our personality. They transform our appearance altogether. So, it’s rather important that we give them some style and statement, of their own. We girls, love trying out new hairstyles, getting bold with them and making them stand out. Well, winter is the best season to do just that, as summer tends to make the whole texture and look of our hair quite washed out, blowy and unmanageable! But winters are perfect to showcase our beautiful manes with some trendy and awesome styles.

Take a look at the styles to make an outrageous statement though your hair this cold winter:

Long-ish BOB 

You can’t let your hairs fall on your face in the summer, so do it now!!!

BOB haircut gives you an edgy look which adds to your features and brings out the oomph factor.

It provides the versatility with built-in layers which is its most appealing element.

Keep your BOB cut slightly longer and rock and shock this winter by adding some touches of bold purples, powder pink or blondish shades on the front tips.


You can do so much with this hair do, it’s easy and it’s effortless.

Partition your hair into two from the middle, take the central part on to the top and secure with elastic.

It will have your hairs flowing while keeping the short and other ones safely over the crown.

You can even make a bun with the middle part or braid it or just let it flow.

Enjoy the sweet chilly air running through your tresses.


Wavy hairs NEVER go out of style.

They are modern and at the same time classic and goes off with just about any outfit.

The blown out or the slept on straightened hair gives you the best waves, actually its bedhead waves!

Have some amazing flowy waves to add the touches of elegance and sexy, both at the same time.

Create a stunning look with wavy manes; you can even add some accessory like a pin on one side.


YES Braids! You heard, ahem read right.

Braids add amazing touches to your hair. You don’t have to stick with your typical braids or pigtails.

You can braid your hair in fishtail, do little braids all over your head, and make a crown of braids or even a bun of braids OR the very popular “Khaleesi” braids made popular by Emily Clarke in “Game of Thrones”.

So, there are lot of options with braids, go for one that suits your face best and just rock it girl!!

Twisted UPDO 

We like to try out updos at least in once in our life if not more.

They are sexy and they are classy.

A topknot is not something that is new, you just have to pull your hair into a ponytail, twist it and after wrapping them in a round, secure at the top of your head.

Simple right! It even makes your feature pop out while making your face more noticeable with all your hair tied upward.

So, try out these hair styles and have fun with your hair this winter.

Written by Anjali Tyagi
I am a hardcore reader and a story weaver with an affinity for words and to rhyme.

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