Monday, 7 November 2016

Drawbacks of Reliance Jio

One of the most trending topic to watch-out this year is “The launch of Jio sim”. With each day passing-by, their is a rapid increase in its customers. Although very few customers have found this initiative of Reliance interesting and helpful in connecting common people with the digital world. I have been a Jio user for almost two months now and fund few interesting drawbacks about it.

Following are the few drawbacks (disadvantages) that I observed:

1. Hoax created for Rs. 50/GB plan

Reliance company officially did not unveil any of the data pack which offers Rs. 50/GB. Instead, the company said that the cost of normal data charges is 1MB per 5 paise, which further dubs to Rs.50/GB. There will be no free voice calls if you don’t recharge your phone with a specified tariff plan.

2. No calls for non-VoLTE phones

Yeah!! you read that right. If your phone does not support 4G network then it is just impossible for you to make a call. You need a Pure 4G network to call and a user with 4G LTE enabled smartphone can able to use the Jio SIM card, however, he won't be able to make any voice calls. However, Reliance has a solution for that and asks every user to download their Jio4GVoice app for not-interrupted voice calls.

3. Unlimited Night Data Hoax

Jio offers unlimited data plans to all the customers with any of its tariff plans, but with a twist. Night data will only be limited from 2 AM to 5 AM while other telecom services offer night data from 11 PM to 7 AM.

4. Interconnection Call problems

One of the drawbacks of using Jio is its interconnection points. As is evident from the recent tussle between Jio with other networks, there are a lot of problems for calls from Jio to other networks like Airtel, Idea etc. Jio claims that the other telecom services are not providing sufficient interconnect points. So at present, there will be issues with calls from Jio network.

5.  Welcome offer comes with data cap

As we all know that the Preview offer is now called as Welcome offer which is applicable for all users until December 31, 2016. But, unlike the preview offer, the welcome offer comes with a daily data cap of 4GB. One thing I din’t like about Jio is they forcefully converted Jio Preview offer to Welcome offer which has 4GB cap speed, which may disappoint those who buy LYF phones just for unlimited data & it is also a disappointment for LYF buyer who bought the phone just for the preview offer and later reliance gave preview offer free to other operators.

6. Network route is busy

The only advantage is FREE voice calls. But here I want to mention one important thing. As Reliance Jio uses both data and voice calls on the same line, we can't get connected immediately when we make a call. And in most cases, it says the number you are trying is busy (actually the number is not busy but the Jio network).

7. Bandwidth throttling (down to about 1mbps)

When you are downloading big amounts of data, the download speed comes down to 1mbps. This is to allow everyone to avail the free offer to use the network and not let a few free users hog the entire bandwidth of the tower.

Written by Deepak Sharma
An ambivert by nature and a keen business editorial reader. I believe - "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing"

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