Monday, 14 November 2016

Chokers And Statement Neckpieces Are The Latest Trend

Stepping out to purchase some accessories, you must have witnessed that there is surely some space secured by statement neckpieces and chokers. A statement neck-piece is a type of accessory which is wore as a neck-piece at the neck line or collar bones but is bold and visible enough, making a statement for the outfit. Whereas a choker is wore over the neck highlighting one's neck and giving a bold look to an individual.

There are various types of statement neckpieces and chokers. From made up of a simple cloth or a string to even a DIY, one can avail varieties of them for their outfits.Statement neckpiece and chokers have the potential to make a dull outfit stand out. Whether it is plain Indian attire or a western outfit, if a statement neck piece or a choker is accompanied with the outfit, it brings an altogether a completely different look.

The trend of chokers is not something that emerged lately. It was there since years in the Indian culture. Chokers earlier, made up a metal mainly silver, gold, brass they were wore by women in the eastern parts like in Kutch, remote places of Gujarat and also at few areas of Rajasthan. Today, they are developed in a different version with the same concept. The material, design and has been changed.

It has been more than two years now that the trend of statement neck pieces and chokers is ruling the outfits. And why won’t they? After all the change they bring to a simple outfit has made them an extraordinary accessory. They have helped one to opt for minimalistic and simple clothing and have also allowed one to not look so basic.

This trend has made its mere presence by being the impactful to attire. The additional benefit they hold is that the volume it speaks when teamed with an outfit. It helps one to ditch the other accessories which are not required as the neck pieces/ chokers grab all the attention and allow one to derive a classy look.

Today, the statement neckpieces and chokers have changed the game of wearing accessories.

Written by Radhika Shah
Living in the city of dreams to paint words

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