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BMW: History And Untold Facts

This blog of mine is dedicated to all BMW fans. BMW has not only evolved as an elite brand across the globe but also equally famous in India. Very few know that BMW stands for “Bayerische Motoren Werke” . It was founded by an aircraft engine manufacturer named Karl F. Rapp in 1913. Karl was a resident of Munich, Germany.

Logo of BMW has its own story and significance. It is derived from the whirl of a helicopter propeller and shows some hints of blue and white color. These hints of blue and black in logo also signify the chequered flag of Bavaria.

The BMW group owns three of the steamiest premium brands in the automobile industry i.e.
  • BMW
  • MINI

All the above three brands of the automobile industry have made their names all over the word in terms of comfort, luxury, and ambience. As per the report of 2014, the revenue generated by this group is around 80.4 billion euro with the help of around 1.21 lakh employees.

BMW’s world headquarters are massively popular. But very few people know that the design of the building is identical to that of a four-cylinder engine.

The design is a typical example of BMW’s four-cylinder engine heritage.

This automobile group has its ambition in achieving some targets. The main aim of the  company is to provide sustainability to its consumers in the three target fields:
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Risk Minimisation
  • Reputation
This automobile group has availability in following body types:
  • Sedan
  • Coupe
  • Convertible
  • Touring
  • Sports hatch
  • Roadster
  • Sports vehicle
Apart from the above BMW participates in Formula 1 racing in association with Sauber F1.

One of the untold facts about this BMW group is that when the world was hit by the oil crisis, BMW responded by creating the 2002 turbo series, a four-cylinder engine that could get 170HP from its 2 litre capacity. This was later adopted by Schnitzer for motorsports Group 5 Series.

Nearing bankruptcy in 1959, BMW was almost taken over by Mercedes. BMW though, pulled back because they found a private investor whose family till date owns BMW’s first electric car called 1602 which debuted at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Despite being all-electric the car had 43 horses under the hood, almost half of the horsepower of the petrol driven 1602.

Isn’t that cool..!!! BMW has always adapted its technology with the available resources. Maybe this is one of the reasons why this brand has made its name in the world.

BMW is now owned by “Quandt family.”

Written by Deepak Sharma
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