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8 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid While Using Technology

With the growing world, technology is progressing rapidly. Although technology has a major contribution in the growth of world and development of any country. Sometimes in order to wrap up our work faster, we try to find easy ways. But in the tech world, some habits can affect your gadgets and personal data.

Don't  and Do 's of Tech World -

1) While doing Mobile Banking

Especially for the banking apps, easy passwords are dangerous. Sometimes we use easy passwords to remember them easily. If we don't log out after using banking app then at the time of web browsing , malware attack is possible. If you face problems with remembering passwords ,you can use password management apps.

2) Not changing your password

Like all accounts should not have the same password , similarly, you must change your password after an interval. According to Microsoft, between 30-90 days, one should change their password to keep your account protected.

3) Computer/Smartphone not restarted for a long time

It is true that keeping the computer on sleep mode will keep computer away from problems but will slow down the system , if done for a long time. So you should restart your computer at least twice a week , so your system won't slow down and small problems got solved automatically.

4) Excessive Social Media sharing

Many people share things on social media but beyond a limit, it will affect negatively. Tagging many people in your profile picture, usage of meaningless ' # ' , sharing every kind of post on social media not seems good. But more than that, it is dangerous sharing personal information and you might have to face many problems.

5) Checking notifications before sleeping

Artificial light is responsible for less sleep and weak eyesight. If you use and watch laptop/smartphone  before going to bed , it can cause memory loss. This light causes weak eyesight, problems in remembering things , fatigue and low level of insomnia. Atleast half an hour before you go to sleep , you must off notifications on your smartphone.

6) Not having 2 Step Verification

Heartbleed bug was in light some months before , which can steal protected information. These days, hacking is quite easy , so services like Gmail and Dropbox  has started 2- step verification process. This increases your account security one level up and provides better protection.

7) Not deleting old photos and music 

Old files in phone occupy more space and slower down the speed of your phone. Also, hang your phone. One should make it habit to delete old photos or music which is of no use. You can keep backup of these things at online storage or can recover using photo recovery app if required. By clearing memory speed of phone will boost and phone will work smoothly.

8) Not logging out your account

Most of the office users save their account id and password on desktop/ laptop. It is common not to log out for people who need to login to their account many times a day. Such people sometimes forget to log out after using public system because of their habit. This has proven to be harmful and dangerous for the personal security . Data can be easily leaked.

Written by Pragati Jain
Grew up in Indore, M.P. I am pursuing B.E. in Electronics and Communication from Medi-Caps Indore. I love writing, sports and playing piano.

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