Monday, 21 November 2016

5 points where Printed Books win the battle with eBooks!

In the era of digitization, eBook readers have become very frequent sight. They say that e-books do not occupy space. Everything is completely virtual and easily accessible. Despite all these reasons, researchers have come across decrease in the sale of eBooks. Strange, isn’t it? And that is where physical, printed books win the battle!  Let us take you through few reasons, why real books are always close to heart…

1. The feeling you get when you touch the pages!

Pages of printed books are very nice. Their soft touch actually gives you a feeling of warmth. Touching the words which are printed on a paper seems very friendly. eBooks are nothing but a screen. You have it in your hands all the time.

2. The smell of pages

Book nerds are very obsessed with the smell of books. It has so many emotions associated with it. And if it is a second-hand book! Well, you actually feel like storing that smell in some bottle and use it as a scent. Off course, eBooks can not provide that at all!

3. Libraries, bookstores, bookshelves…

Haven’t you felt lost after entering in a library or bookstore? Checking the bookshelves, searching the racks and finding your favourite book after so much of hard work, what a winning moment it must be!

4. They will be there with you for lifetime!

Books will never leave you (Unless you give them to someone ). Once you buy a book, it will accompany you for a lifetime. They won’t be dead, the way eBooks die once the battery is discharged. Books can be such a precious property of yours that, you can write about them in your will! Books can be symbols of generations.

5. A perfect place where you can store your special memory…

Is it possible to store dry flowers, which may be associated with some your most special memories, in your kindle? It is so heartwarming. It makes you nostalgic everytime you see it!

See how perfectly Gulzar describes it,

Woh saara ilm toh milta rahega baad main bhi
magar woh jo kitaabon mein mila karte the sookhe phool aur
mehke hue ruqe
kitaaben maangne, girne, uthaane ke bahaane rishte bante the
unka kya hoga ?

Can you relate?

Well, do you know that Amazon, which has produced Kindle, have opened real – life book stores?

Printed books are just unbeatable!

Written by Medini Kajarekar
Walking through the pages to find home in words.

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