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12 Virtues for Living a Happy and Peaceful Life

Many people wonder if there is the surest way to live a peaceful and happy life as a human being. These 12 virtues can enable a person to lead a good life in the view of oneself and others. These are supreme means for the welfare of human beings. These virtues are must haves for the people who strive to live a meaningful life. Read on to know about them:

1. Enchanting yet corrigible

This is the first and foremost virtue for a fulfilling life. You have to be enchanting yet corrigible at the same time. It means being enchanted in your body language. Corrigible means that when you wanted by people from the heart you surrender yourself.

2. Supremely generous and charitable nature

This is another virtue which we need to develop for ourselves. We must be generous and utter only sweet words. Apart from being generous we should also do charitable work and make donations to less privileged people which will bring satisfaction to our spirit.

3. Affability

Out of all the virtues affability is said to be of utmost glory. Affability is being good natured, kind and naturalness. This virtue puts other people at ease with us which makes us accessible to people at all times.

4. Straight

Being parallel and honest in thoughts, words and actions is called straightness. This virtue saves us from getting into many unwanted and unnecessary situations.

5. Clean

Absence of sinfulness and  evil is thoughts, words and actions is called true cleanliness. As the very popular saying goes cleanliness is next to godliness.

6. Soft

Softness in thoughts, words, and actions is the essential nature of a soul. Therefore we must be soft in our behavior. Soft behavior allows people to interact with you easily. It also helps in maintaining relationships properly.

7. Kind

Being kind toward the sad, poor and sick people is an essential nature of a human being. It is to have sympathy for the people going through trouble. It is to be selfless and helping towards such people.

8. Stable

Stability is being stable in challenging situations. If a person maintains its stability in unfavorable situations, he/she can make most of such situations by maintaining a positive attitude and stability in emotions.

9. Even

This virtue is about being equal towards everyone. We should always treat everyone equally, not on the basis of cast, color, poor, rich, evil, good. It is to have the same compassion for everyone around.

10. Tender

This is another quality which is very significant in itself. Being sweet in your dealings with others. We should converse with people in sweet words. Our character must also be sweet.

11. Grateful

Gratefulness is another important virtue to develop in your daily lifestyle. It is being grateful for what you have. it is to never forget the people who helped you in your life. And give them the help when needed. If we practice it on a daily basis we can bring forth abundance in our lives.

12. Creation

This world today is the creation of human minds. All of them have created something in every field you see this is the foremost duty of human beings to create while they are here. It could be the creation of an idea, product or service or anything else.

Written by Shailendra Sharma
He loves reading various kinds of books including  self-help, motivational, inspirational stories, religious scriptures of Hinduism. He strongly believes that our religious teachings and practices are perfect and wholesome, and  wants to serve the society in a significant manner and greater sense.

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