Wednesday, 12 October 2016

What Did You Promise Gandhi ji on His Birth Anniversary?

Gandhi Jayanti just passed a few days ago on the 2nd of October. How many of us took some time out to reflect upon the life of the Father of the Nation and pay tribute to him in our own ways?

Do you still throw that crumpled wrapper out of the car window? 

Do you still dump your trash or leftovers on the street? 

Do you still believe in "tit for tat"?

When will we learn that every action of ours matters? Why throw that wrapper out of the window when we can easily keep it in the car and throw it away later when we come across a trash can? When will we understand that by dumping leftovers on the street, we are not doing the street dogs a favor - we are infesting their habitat, as well. Why do we not realize that Gandhi ji's saying, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" has become famous because it is actually true?

Gandhi Jayanti is long gone. What you did then does not matter. What matters is what you will do now and in the future. Take a pledge to live by cleanliness. Take a pledge to live by nonviolence and peace. Take a pledge to actually make a difference and make India what Gandhi ji would have been proud of. To think that our own behavior does not matter in this sea of Indians merely shows plain ignorance and ultimately, is nothing more than a lame excuse.

When one man could stand up for the entire race of Indians, why cannot an entire race of Indians stand up for one man?

Written by Priyanshi Sheth
"Namaste!" from a creative, Indian soul who aims to keep herself motivated as she writes, travels, photographs, and thereby, shares her knowledge.

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