Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Travelling: Don't be a Tourist!

Having a few degrees, a job with high income, a small family, a house, and a car connotes to a well-settled person’s life. Teenagers say that it’s a stereotype. My grandparents think that it’s perfect. I ask my parents and they mention that only the lucky ones have it.

A few more varieties I get is- Making money should be the ultimatum because, in the end, that’s what we all want, I’m speaking only the practical.

A few people say- There’s nothing compared to love.

Staying at one place and earning thousands just to buy stuff sounds like the biggest mistake of my life, say a few more.

Living in a cottage or a beach house with your family/friends, or simply visiting a place with planned destinations for a few days or a world tour, all imply travelling. 15 years back, it was not a trend. But today, travelling sounds a new approach to life or simply, Fashion.

Road trips, weather, shopping, food, people, history, geography, culture or simply life over there- not only the curiosity and fun but going to a new place actually is pretty exciting. Seeing new was never boring. Having a new taste was never bad. And the ultimate thing which adds up is the people whom you are travelling with. Everyone has different ways and ideas of having a trip. The minimalistic planners (which can be commonly found more in teen travel) go mostly unplanned, can be called gutsy because they pleasure from taking risks since adventure being their first preference in their fun list, while the second types of people can be termed as go-planners who love to have a sense of relief in whatever’s perfectly planned! NO matter the kind of people you travel with, the definite aspiration is fulfillment… something the regular routine can never give.

People say that schools do not provide all the education the challenges of life ask for. It’s reasonable to know that the best way to learn is to experience. Experience in a job or at a place. Both matter. We all have created our world in our minds: have the perfect plan for our future, decided who/how our soul mate will/should be, or maybe even what color our future’s kitchen’s cabinets will be; and the truth is that the future is yet to come; and everyday when our thoughts change, so does our future. Moving out from your comfort zone to indulge into your curiosity is the best part of travelling, and when that happens, you may see your new future there!

The world is full of wonderful things; you haven’t seen them yet, don’t ever give up on the chance of seeing them. The curiosity to explore as many places as possible and to tell breathtaking short stories to others like bedtime one's grandmothers narrate their grandchildren. To inspire people why it’s not only stimulating but why it also feeds your soul by exhilarating and electrifying incidents. To tell them that choosing travel buddies is like choosing your dress: shouldn’t be expensive, but only comfortable!

Travel not to just spend money on expensive hotels and see the famous destinations in a car. Travel just not for the sake of internet. Don’t be a tourist, be a traveller. There is a difference, yes; a tourist sees what he has come to see, a traveller sees what he sees.

Written by Prachi Bohra
Travelling makes me learn something new and encourages me to write.

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