Friday, 14 October 2016

The Pleasant Twist of Tiaras

Fashion comes and goes as trends keep on changing time to time and demands to be updated with new uprising fashionable look. This festive season, give yourself a unique look with the growing fashion of ‘’TIARAS’’.

In India, it’s a festival that brings families and friends together to celebrate and do parties in a memorable way. During Navratri and Diwali, a lot of garba and dandiya events heads your way. Along with that, a very question marks you is what to wear so that every eye should stick to you. This eve breaks all the confusion and question.Try something new to look gorgeous and different by adding a taste of tiaras on the head along with your traditional outfit. Be it a college student or a homemaker, customize your ghaghra-cholis with a combo of desi-modern avatar by tieing matching coloured hair chain to grab everyone's attention to you. Tiaras have always been a symbol of royal families or used in a particular function, but now, its gone. These days, this ornament is only used as a wedding accessory.


There have been so many tiara sightings over the last couple of months, and if you are wearing lehenga to play dandiya this year then make your hair free flow and  have a thin crown with a red stud gem on it. The look will surely make others go mad over you.


If you want to give your fashion  a touch of simplicity and decide to wear a saree, then the best option is; have a golden color olive branch tiara along with the costume and be an eye-catcher.


If you have decided to wear a light weight outfit this year then look gorgeous with your hairstyle. Make a hair bun and fit a floral tiara sideways on your hair. This perfect match of the light and heavy combination will make everyone's eye wide open, mind it.


If planning to wear a net skirt with heavy dupatta then the soft and calm touch of silver stud thin chain tiara will go beautifully with your costume. This color presents its own way to add an outstanding look.

Not only these,there are a variety of options available online with the rates you are actually comfortable. And if don’t want to wear artificial  tiaras then make your hairstyle in a tiara-braid style and pin it with attractive hair pins to give a final touch to your modern-desi look . Don’t waste any time  in giving a second thought to look best of all, just have any outfit with TIARAS and be a star in tonight's party.

Written by Tanisha Chitransh
A Diligent, Punctual and Self-Motivated Person who believes in having good interpersonal skills.

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