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The Intelligent Ones: Summing Up the Common Peculiarities

Is he quiet, shy, and talks only when necessary…? She knows all the answers but never raises her hand… He is a nerd…. Someday, that guy will be a millionaire….. That girl on the least bench is a silent worker: never talks… Omg: why is that guy always acting weird?

Come across to these people often? They are only a few: something is there hidden in them which makes them different: they will never share that…

Not a superpower, but just a brain working in progress: they are that 10% of the population who are highly intelligent!

Here are a few traits of these people: find out if you can relate

(1). Knowing everything is a priority

Reasoning out not only the basic problems; but also about life and people in general; how they work, how things work, etc and not only is this confined to 2 or 3 areas but the imagination and the curiosity level may go wisely beyond your age, thinking about endless possibilities and reasoning them all out!

(2). That’s why you are //open minded//

Ready to listen, ready to speak, ready to write; you listen more because you observe more; you may be an introvert, shy at first and people can’t easily read you or understand you because you are uncommon to them, and the best part is that you know this but-

(3). You are smart

Like really smart and hence when someone appeases your brain rather than complimenting your looks, you really *blush*, because you are different, you know your life will be not the same as others, you have a different plan ahead and you rarely share about that.

(4). Finding a relationship is hard for you

Because you tend to be selective when coming to people and take; you are not interested in finding a person to complete you, but just someone who understands the basic attributes of life, is open minded, has his/her own point of view, and challenges your character.

(5). Few friends

Since you believe in the concept of fewer people fewer setbacks (complications) and selective because simply everyone... is not that smart, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t talk to people; you will interact with them when you feel like.

(6). You are free minded

You know your barriers, and you know no one can control you; your thoughts change from time to time since you like to view everything from every possible perspective (that’s the reason you listen more and talk less); but you rarely back up from what you want- which is why you are confident too..!

(7). Open to criticism

Because you are not afraid of what people think of you, you listen to them because you are just curious about how they perceive your character, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll follow everyone’s advice.

(8). You keep your motto simple- To do what you like to do.

(9). You are not afraid to be wrong

You actually don’t care whether you are right or wrong: you just do what you feel like (going with your gut) simply because trying new things is important. Having wild thoughts because of huge imagination and zero boundaries is yet another quality.

(10). You are under more pressure to succeed

You don’t want to end up with your life like others; something in you says that you have a different path that not everyone can understand. It may happen so that success is not the thing you exactly want: what you want maybe are answers for everything because the constant curiosity to know everything never dies.

(11). Not knowing is not a big issue for you

Not knowing after knowing that you don’t know that is.

(12). Reasoning out everything is sometimes tiring

To avoid that, you tend to indulge yourself into your hobbies (which change from time to time). To *spice up* your routine and to divert your mind, you take interest in activities like meditation, exercising, cooking, video games, travelling, music, reading, and etcetera.

(13). NO DUAL personality

Staying real means staying true to yourself and your feelings; you don’t act in front of people because you have lost the interest of charming others with fake identities; instead you are real on purpose so that only the originals attract towards you (For you, following someone else basically means not using one’s own senses.)

(14). Helping, understanding and caring for anyone who is left alone is number one priority.

(15). People for you are funny

As it humors you when they do things without much thinking; either that or it simply irritates you.

(16). Books do not make you smart

You know this because it’s true, what happens, in reality, is something not written in books; rather than mugging up history or civics which now don’t matter, you find peace in knowing what’s important: for example- what’s happening around you and more precisely why.

(17). The majority of people are stupid

You know this because all of them have the habit of copying others and when you start questioning them about what they are doing, most of them will simply not have answers, plus will get easily irritated by your reasoning.

(18). Being an all-rounder is a must: knowing everything is the motto.

(19). Having a little ego is very normal

Because you only say something when it’s crucial and when you do that, you tend to be usually correct as you have processed it through thorough thinking.

(20). Talking to yourself is common

Very very because that’s one way to argue your intellect and question your thoughts.

(21). It’s okay to lose: always winning is sort of boring.

(22). You love sarcasm because that’s who smart people are.

(23). You like those people more who are like you: smart, quiet, and clear about things.


BECAUSE THAT’S HOW YOUR MIND WORKS; taking chances to tell wonderful stories in the end.

Staying different is now not a problem; being distinctive, unusual, and out of the ordinary has now become a practice.

Written by Prachi Bohra
Travelling makes me learn something new and encourages me to write.

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