Friday, 7 October 2016

Taming and training Mr. Ego!

The main cause of all the imbalances and evils in the society is Mr. Ego Present everywhere, irrespective of caste, creed or sex. If we observe keenly, the friction occurred in the dealings or the quarrels which have become the inevitable part of our lives with our fellow-beings and the clash is actually not between the people, but between the egos.

There are two types of them: ripe ego and the unripe one.

The former being reformed and refined, while the latter being uncultured. We see a lot of behavioral differences even among the members of the same family, because of the different types of egos. Which may include trained, untrained, ill-trained and perverted egos.
  • A person with trained ego thinks nobly, acts gently, and aspires for a sublime goal in life. This makes him a happy person, thus everyone enjoys his company.
  • One with an untrained ego is more of “empty vessel that makes more noise”, who is busy blowing his own trumpet and making fussy ado about nothing.
  • A man with ill-trained or perverted ego damages the very structure of the family making his home a veritable hell. A curse, who is totally blind to noble qualities in others.
Ego is a mischievous sense of our conscious mind which we consider it to be as our “self”, it is important as it forms the essential part of our individuality, we cannot do without it. Even that what we call it as self-confidence is nothing but ego, but of a reformed, reinforced and refined form. Silencing the ego will restrain varied faculties and shatter the personality. Therefore suppressing ego is not the way to shun its mischief. It has to be properly trained and tamed so as to assist us in our own progress, training our ego is of utmost importance if we wish to have peace and concord in the surroundings. Similar to making a gentleman out of a beastly man.

Now the intricate subject here is, how to train and refine the ego? 

Are there any teachers competent enough to train and tame the ego of obstinate people who are self-indulgent and insensitive to others feelings/ energetic youths full of wild thoughts and emotions? The answer to this is: MISERIES are the greatest teachers which help to mould the hearts of people. Indeed it’s true as we see many people around us who’re pulverized by the severe jolts received in the form of miseries.

But... there is a big 'BUT' because it is easier said than done. It is perhaps easier to tame tigers, lions, and elephants. But almost impossible for the great ones to tame and train the stubborn egos of grown-up individuals. It’s highly unexpected of us to have a peaceful society / a happy home without training the ego rightly. So, the way out is: As we may not be able to bend a tree, but yes we can certainly bend a young plant! Here comes the time when the parents are to play a vital role in it.

Hence the responsibility of shaping the personality of youngsters lies very much with the parents, train their egos and culturize their emotions, which will produce a vast change in the society. The noble parents can chastise the ego of their youngsters not merely by sermonizing but by glowing the examples of their own dealings and dispositions. Because what better way to know the significance of the proverb “example is better than precept.” In fact, an example is not only an effective way of training the youth, but it is the only way out!

Written by Aditi Warnoolkar
Engineer | Avid blogger & writer who believes in penning down her thoughts | Poetry fanatic | Canophilist | Dreamer

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