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Is Regional Cinema outperforming Bollywood in content?

“Content is King” 

It’s been said and known that the content is the ultimate thing that can make or break. If the content is not good then whatever and however means may you use, it won’t bring out the successful or the desired results. It May work out initially or for short term but if you want to go for the long term, you have to make your content relative, creative and unique to give it the power to excel. It’s the same for Movies.

By Indian Cinema, people usually understand and think of Bollywood, an ultra glamorous, cinematic mammoth. But it isn’t related to only Bollywood, there are a number of other film industries in India which are emerging as something powerful and extra ordinary. Those film industries are our regional cinema which ranges from Marathi and Punjabi to Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telegu in south, to name just a few. Thithi, Lai Bhaari, Bela Seshe, Baahubali, Court and Praktan are some of the movies that prove regional cinema's worth.

These regional films are the small budget ones unlike Bollywood, where lots if money is invested in the making of the movie along with its post production and marketing activities. These movies are outperforming Bollywood though their stories which are exceptional and of greater quality in many ways such as-
  • These movies are made on real life stories. The incidents to which an audience is able to connect with and become a part of the story in the process. People attach emotions and produce feeling for them.
  • Stories are the main focus point for these regional films and follow a sincere, authentic and researched approach. They deliver a story to the masses that is not sprouted out of nothing but with some semblance to create, present, affect and make through.
  • Marathi movies are very realistic in the sense that they don’t have any characters with super natural power or a super villain unlike their counterpart south films.
  • These films also don’t add unwarranted body exposure that is a quite rampant quirk in Bollywood. They don’t go for any unnecessary thing, rather something that adds aestheticism and relativity to the story.
  • We love movies with ‘Happy Endings’, everyone all happy and in love, walking hand in hand in the sunshine to their home. But real life occurrence isn’t that and people today are looking for something unconventional that could make them pick their conscience and emotions.
  • We all are sick of watching the Hero beat the living shit of the Oh so mega villain and his goons and that too single handily. These movies serves that purpose perfectly as there is no ‘hero should win’ mantra going on.
  • The action in Bollywood and south movies is way over exaggerated to the point of irritation. The time for these kinds of oddity have long past, now no one is interested in them.                                  
The regional cinema is content rich which has the ability to excite, invigorate and click with the audience while surpassing their counterpart Bollywood in their process to create something profound and valuable.

Written by Anjali Tyagi
I am a hardcore reader and a story weaver with an affinity for words and to rhyme.

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