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Latest Cool Fashion Trends For This Winter

Winter is the season when fashion takes a back seat as we are more interested and busy in keeping the chills off us. But, not this time, you can rock and sizzle your winters too with some quirky and dazzling trends this season.

Here are some cool tips to make your winter all hot and stunning:

Bright Colours

In winters you don’t have to stick to particular colours, you can go all bright and shiny. And skipping that black colour that rocks any occasion will give your wardrobe a breather with a new fresh of air.

The attention this season is on saturated and bright colours that will surely lighten up any dull and boring winter outfit.

You can try out different bold colours such as lemon yellow, blood red, fire orange or cobalt blue to make a statement this winter.


Turtleneck is a sweater with a high close-fitting collar serving as the best defence against winter while making a bold statement like no other.

They are in for this season in different colours and textures to give you an amazing look. You can pair off these turtlenecks with overcoats and jeans or under jackets and coveralls.

You can also rock a long turtle neck as a one piece or with a skirt.


If you have various pieces of clothing from years but can’t wear them for some reason, this is the right time for you to get them out of your wardrobe and make a brand new fashion style of yours.

This season is all about putting on multiple layers with different colours to accentuate your whole look.


Wearing Socks with shoes? Absurd! Right. Not so much now. As it is one of the latest trends for this winter. No matter what type of creation is adorning your feet, socks are new ‘it’.

Shoes with multiple buckled straps or open toes among pointy-toe booties are making comeback this season too.

Shoes with ankle straps look really beautiful with mid-length dresses and complete your look tastefully.


The leather is nothing new to us; you can see it use in jackets, boots, pants, gloves and even in skirts on celebrities and runways quite often.

They are in for this winter also and going rather strong. You can have a lot of variety in this as skirts are quite popular for this season ranging from micro-mini leather skirts to knee-length to midi flared skirts to add an oomph factor to your look.

There is also an emerging trend of ankle length leather boots which you can pair off with mid length dresses very daringly.

Go Match

Accessories add to our looks in the same way as silver coating does on sweets. They put that bonus factor to put a shine on our appearance.

Accessories have got a vast makeover itself, with the introduction of bold and matching accessories. They are being used in the same patterns and even of the same fabric as the outfit.

Written by Anjali Tyagi
I am a hardcore reader and a story weaver with an affinity for words and to rhyme.

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