Monday, 24 October 2016

Latest Advancements in BFSI Services - Click to Insure

With an easy and faster access to the internet, there has been a substantial shift in the ways things are done, may it be online entertainment, shopping or banking. It was not a long ago when all of us had to take out time, especially for our banking needs, visiting the branch, standing in queues and mostly not so pleasant experience at end of the day. Out of all the pain points that technology has recently addressed and solved, online banking has proved out to be a great time saver, also providing better awareness, transparency as well as accuracy.

Also, buying Insurance Online comes as a great relief for the people  as it convenient, faster and usually, saves money as well as time. HDFC Life has been one of the front-runners in this area of digitalization, with plans catered for specific requirements like Click2Retire, Click2Invest etc.The latest entrant in their series of innovative offerings is 'Click to Insure'. I came to know about this from the latest TVC by HDFC Life, a simple yet beautiful story demonstrating the sweet relationship of a father and new-born baby.

The story initially depicts the father a bit hesitated to hold his child due to fear but gradually with the help/guidance from his wife and practice, he ultimately achieves the perfection of doing so and take care of his baby. Parallely, it depicts how buying insurance from HDFC Life's 'Click to Insure' has been simplified to a great extent.

'Click to Insure' is offered not only as a service but a form of assistance and companion in the process of insuring yourself and your loved ones. With a wide range of plans, online insurance calculator and insurance premium calculator, you can have a clear picture of what is the most suitable plan for you.

When in need of assistance or help, you can get chat and call support from their expert customer care executives, also the latest feature of co-browsing where you can share your screen with their executive who fills the form on your behalf can save a lot of your efforts and time. Even the post-sales support which includes policy tracking, policy servicing features  like paying premiums, managing fund and making claims, all can be done from the comfort of your smartphones, with one click.

'Click to Insure' proves out to be an awesome amalgamation of the Insurance buying process simplified with technology. The required guidance and assistance from HDFC Life can help us to take better decisions and insuring the safety of our families.

Written by Rohit Jha

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