Tuesday, 4 October 2016

India vs Pakistan: Change Is What We Need

The relation between India and Pakistan have never been really great ever since the two countries got Independence in 1947. There are a lot of issues that we face, even till today, the division of Kashmir being the primary one. Owing to this, and a lot of other acts in the past, such as the evidence suggesting Pakistan’s involvement in the 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament and the 26/11 attack on Mumbai, the political and diplomatic relations have seemed to get worsened in time.

And now,the recent attack on the Uri district, in the Indian territory of Kashmir has only added fuel to fire, On September 18th, a group of four militants attacked the army post in Uri, killing 18 army personnel. The attack is defined to be the deadliest one, in the Kashmir zone in the past two decades, and have therefore raised a lot of questions.

What however remains our primary concern is the fact that the arms and the weapons that were used in the attack have been identified to be belonging to Pakistan. And so if it is true that they are actually responsible for the attacks, there is a lot that we need to do. Under such circumstances, which to be honest are very true, India will need to take strict measures to bring them back to the right way, because clearly, previous attempts of settling disputes through arbitration have not been fruitful, and have only encouraged the Pakistanis to go on to committing even bigger atrocities.

The current government under Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has vouched that they will take strict actions against them this time, and justice will be imparted to the families of all the martyrs. There have been demands of declaring Pakistan as a terrorist nation in the United Nations, and even Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External affairs of Government of India, during her speech in the United Nations General Assembly pointed out that funding and supporting terrorism has become a habit of some nations, Pakistan being probably one of them.

In light of all these events, the Indian Motion Picture Producers' Association (IMPPA) has even banned Pakistani actors from working in the Indian film industry, an act that has been criticized by many. Understanding all this needs a very complex and unbiased approach, the first step being to realize that the chances of the settlement of the issues between India and Pakistan through negotiation and political talks are almost impossible.

Now, as a matter of fact, fighting and waging wars too is not a feasible solution, because they will create instability and turmoil not only within the two countries but also in the International community as a whole. Considering all these facts, it is difficult to find a near time solution to the problems, but we can try isolating the two nations from one another.

We surely do not know how practical this solution will prove to be, but we can try closing all communication lines between the two countries and also restrict travel within the nations. Probably not the best solution, this is something we need to give a try. And it is for this reason, that I too support the decision of sending actors from Pakistan back to their nation.

People may argue that they are in no way responsible for all the acts, but they also need to understand that in the end, these actors belong to Pakistan, and will never go against their own nation, out of both respect and security.

Keeping all this in mind, I believe that we should all accept this decision, and other changes that may be introduced, just so we can try and find at least one solution that will bring an end to the long-running chaos.

Written by Avinash Srivastava
A Writer of Stories, Loves Novels and Movies

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