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How to stop comparing your life to others

Comparison is the one thing that we should strictly stay away from, yet it is the one thing that we end up doing the most. The reason why the comparison is so deadly is because it is solely being done within our heads and hence our imagination can spin it out of control. Here are a few things that you should do to stop comparing yourself to others:

Like what you see in the mirror

The number one reason why we start comparing ourselves to others is because we aren’t completely happy with how we are or how we look. This can change if we start bringing some positive thoughts into our lives, day by day. Every day when you are standing in front of a mirror, make sure to give yourself a positive comment and appreciate what you see in front of you.

Remove certain phrases from your vocabulary

There are a few staple sentences that we say when we are comparing ourselves to someone else. These sentences usually go something like this: ‘I wish I was as thin as her’, ‘I wish I looked that good in such a dress’, and ‘I wish I was funnier.’ All these sentences are only serving as poison to your mind and aren’t going to do you any good. Stop the usage of such sentences and you will automatically reduce the comparison.

Stop yourself whenever you start comparing

Stopping the process of comparing yourself isn’t going to be easy. You are going to find yourself relapsing very often and it is going to bother you. The best thing that you can do is to stop the negative internal dialogue as soon as it starts. By doing so, you will ensure that the thought cannot go any further and it cannot start messing with your peaceful state of mind.

Be grateful for all that you have

When we start comparing ourselves to others, we tend to look at everything great that they have without ever valuing all that we have. Start being more grateful for all the good things that you have going on in your life and appreciate them more. As soon as you start valuing the good in your life, you won't feel the need to compare yourself to anyone else.

Know that everyone has their struggles

While you might be envious of something another person has in their life, you tend to overlook the fact that they too have other issues that they are going through. Just like this process of comparison is an internal struggle, their struggles are internal and hidden as well. No one has life figured out and everyone has their own demons that they have to face. Help yourself and try to not let comparison be one of the demons that you face.

Written by Sanaa Mehra
Avid reader who will read anything thrown her way (provided that its fiction), Grammar Nazi to the T and a Lover of anything made by Bollywood (I mean anything.) If you're feeling sentimental, here I am!

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